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Instructions White-Westinghouse, Modèle Mighty Mender WW-100

Fabricant : White-Westinghouse
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.. Adjust Tension--—--—_ 01/30/2008 01/30/2008 ACCESSORIES INCLUDED in Accessory tray 3 bobbins (1 in machine) 2 needles (1 in machine) 1 needle threader Seam ripper/thread trimmer Spool Cap Foot Control Spool Stand AC Adapter 01/30/2008 BOBBIN WINDING 1. Slide open the bobbin cover and take out the empty bobbin. 2. Raise the bobbin winder by pushing down the bobbin winder switch. Bobbin Winder Switch 3. Aligning hole in bobbin with driving pin on bobbin winder, place bobbin on bobbin winder. 4. Make sure the bobbin case is in correct position. Bobbin Winder CORRECT POSTON Of SOMINCASE 5. Put spool of thread on the spool pin with retaining slit of spool near the bottom. Then put on the spool cap to keep the thread spool from turning. 01/30/2008 * THREADING THE TOP (NEEDLE) THREAD 1. Pull thread from spool and slip into the slit of the first thread guide. 2. Pull thread through the circular slit of the second thread guide. 3. Hold thread tight and slip it in between the two tension discs of the third thread guide (Needle thread tension dial). 4. Turn handwheel toward you and make the take up lever at its highest position. Pull thread through the hole from your right to left. Take up Lever 3=Bl 01/30/2008 6. Pull thread from spool and puli it through the first thread guide, then wrap one time around tension disc. Bobbin Winder Tension Disc 7. Put thread through the small hole of the bobbin from inside for about 3* long. 8. Slide the power switch to ON position, hold the thread end tightly and step on the foot control. Stop after a few coils we wound. 9. Cirt the thread end on the top of the bobbin by thread trimmer. Then continue winding until desired amount of thread is wound. 10. Cut thread 4" from the bobbin. Remove the wound bobbin from the machine. Lower the bobbin winder by pushing the bobbin winder switch up. CUTOFF 01/30/2008 PLACE THE WOUND BOBBIN 1. Hold the thread end with 3" long by your left hand and place the wound bobbin into the bobbin case as shown. 2. Feed the thread through the two notohes of the bobbin case as shown. Bobbin Thread 3. Leave about 4" long of thread laying on top of the bobbin toward the left of you. Then bobbin threading is complete. Bobbin Case 1 st notch 2nd notch 01/30/2008 RAISE THE BOBBIN THREAD 1. Raise the presser foot by pulling up the presser bar lifter. 2. Hold the top thread and turn the handwheel counterclockwise to make the needle go down and back up and you will see a loop formed by the bobbin thread. 3. Open up the loop to find the thread end of bobbin thread. If you find it is difficult to open up by hands, you can use the flat side of seam ripper to help. 4. Pull both thread ends to the back of the machine and sKde the bobbin cover back into place. Then you can itart mending now. 01/30/2008 GETTING STARTED 1. Make sure the power switch is in the OFF position. Connect the foot control and AC adaptor plug. 2. Take the spool stand and spool pin from the accessory tray then assemble as the figure shown. 3. Slide the spool stand on the rear left of the machine. I t MENDING A SEAM 1. Set stitch control to your desired stitch length by the stitch control knob. PRESSES BAR UFTH 2. Raise needle by turning the handwheel counterclockwise and lift up the presser foot. 3. Make sure both threads ends are pulled 4" back PRESSES behind the needle. 4. Put the fabric under the presser foot and lower tiie needle into the existing old stitches. Then lower the presser foot 5. Step on foot control to start mending until new stitches overlap the old stitches about 1". Then step off the foot control. 6. Turn stitch control knob to reverse position and backstitch 4-5 stitches to secure the seam. 7. Raise presser foot and pull fabric straight backward of the machine. Then cut both thread ends about 4" from the edge of fabric. 01/30/2008 CHANGING NEEDLE * 3. Insert new needle into the clamp with the flat side to the right Place as far up as it will go. Flat side 4. Tighten the needle clamp screw. 01/30/2008 ' 5. Lower the needle by turning the handwheel. Pull thread forward to the back of the fifth thread guide. As shown on figure. 6. Raise the needle. Put the threader through the needle eye from right Insert thread through the wire loop and pull theader back to right Then needle is threaded. 01/30/2008 ADJUSTING THREAD TENSION Test stitch performance on a scrap of material you are going to use. With correct tension (a) , upper and lower threads tension is equal and strong enough to lock both threads in centre. If upper tension is too tight, upper thread lies straight along upper surface of fabric ® . Correct by turning tension dial as illustrated. If upper tension is too loose, bottom thread lies straight along lower surface of fabric © . Correct by turning tension dial as illustrated....

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