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Instructions RedMax, Modèle TR2350S

Fabricant : RedMax
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RedMax/Zenoah – Hi-Performance 2-stroke engines produce higher HP outputs as compared to standard Home Owner Duty or Light Commercial Duty production engines offered by most manufacturers. • Exhaust emission are controlled by the fundamental engine parameters and components (eq., carburation, ignition timing and port timing) without addition of any major hardware or the introduction of an inert material during combustion. • The RedMax/Zenoah Engines are registered and certified with CARB (California Air Resources Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to operate on CLEAN Mid- grade 89 octane or Premium, unleaded (lead-free) gasoline and RedMax Air-Cooled "Max Life", Synthetic blend Premium two- stroke engine oil mixed at 50:1 ratio. • Unleaded gasoline is recommended to reduce the contamination of the air for the sake of your health and the environment. • This Hi-Performance Air Cooled 2-stroke Engine requires the use of Minimum 89 Octane (Mid grade or Premium) clean gasoline. Gasoline may contain maximum of 10% Ethanol (grain alcohol) or up to 15% MTBE (Methyl tertiary-butyl ether). Gasoline containing Methanol (Wood Alcohol) is NOT approved. • IF octane rating of the Mid Grade gasoline in your area is lower than 89 Octane use Premium Unleaded Gasoline. The majority of all 2-stroke engine manufacturers in the USA and Canada recommend using gasoline with 89 Octane or higher. • Gasoline with an octane rating lower than 89 will greatly increase the engines operating temperature. Low octane gasoline will cause detonation (knock) resulting in piston seizures and major internal engine components damage. • Poor quality gasolines or oils may damage sealing rings, fuel WARNING NOTE WARNING [ R+M ] 2 WARNING NOTE WARNING [ R+M ] 2 50:1 MIXING CHART GASOLINE gal. 1 2 3 4 5 2-CYCLE OIL fl.oz 2.6 5.2 7.8 10.4 13 GASOLINE liter 1 2 3 4 5 2-CYCLE OIL ml 20 40 60 80 100 TR2350S 8. Operation ¦ STARTING ENGINE WARNING The cutting head will start rotating upon the engine starts. 1. Rest the unit on a flat, firm place. Keep the cutting head off the ground and clear of surrounding objects as it will start rotating upon starting of the engine. 2. Push the primer pump several times until overflown fuel flows out in the clear tube. (OP1) 3. Move the choke lever to the closed position. (OP1) (1) primer pump (2) choke lever (3) close (4) open OP1 (1) (3) (a) (b) (2) OP2 OP3 4. Set the stop switch to the "RUN" position. Place the unit on a flat, firm place. Keep the cutting head clear of everything around it. (OP2) (1) stop switch (2) RUN (3) STOP (a) lockout lever (b) throttle trigger 5. Firmly grasp (a) and (b) with left hand, pull the starter knob quickly until engine fires. (OP3) IMPORTANT • Avoid pulling the rope to its end or returning it by releasing the knob. Such actions can cause starter failures. 6. Move the choke lever downward to open the choke. And restart engine. (OP1) 7. Allow the engine to warm up for several minutes before starting operation. NOTE 1. When restarting the engine immediately after stopping it, leave the choke open. 2. Overchoking can make the engine hard to start due to excess fuel. When the engine failed to start after several attempts, open the choke and repeat pulling the rope, or remove the spark plug and dry it. ¦ STOPPING ENGINE (OP2) 1. Release the throttle lever and run the engine for a half minute. 2. Shift the stop switch to the "STOP" position. IMPORTANT .04 in (1~2mm) (1) OP4 (1) OP5 • Except for an emergency, avoid stopping the engine while pulling the throttle lever. ¦ ADJUSTING THROTTLE CABLE • The normal play is 1 or 2mm when measured at the carburetor side end. Readjust with the cable adjuster as required. (OP4) (1) cable adjuster ¦ ADJUSTING IDLING SPEED (OP5) 1. When the engine tends stop frequently at idling mode, turn the adjusting screw clockwise. 2. When the cutting head keeps rotating after releasing the trigger, turn the adjusting screw counter-clockwise. (1) idle adjusting screw NOTE • Warm up the engine before adjusting the idling speed. US-12 ¦ CUTTING WORK (LINE HEAD USAGE) WARNING OP6 1. Always wear eye protection such as safety goggles. Never lean over the rotating cutting head. Rocks or other debris could be thrown into eyes and face and cause serious personal injury. 2. Keep the debris guard in place at all times when the unit is operated. TRIMMING GRASS AND WEEDS • Always remember that the TIP of the line does cutting. You will achieve better results by not crowding the line into the cutting area. Allow the unit to trim at its own pace. 1. Hold the unit so the head is off the ground and is tilted about 20 degrees toward the sweep direction. (OP6) 2. You can avoid thrown debris by sweeping from your left to the right. 3. Use a slow, deliberate action to cut heavy growth. The rate of cutting motion will depend on the material being cut. Heavy growth will require slower action than will light growth. 4. Never swing the unit so hard as you are in danger of losin...

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