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Instructions Philips, Modèle HR8897/02

Fabricant : Philips
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• Only use this vacuum cleaner with the original Philips dustbags types Oslo+ or Oslo+ Hygiene (closeable). • Never use the vacuum cleaner without the motor protection filter. Getting the vacuum cleaner ready for use: • Connecting the hose: press firmly ("Click!") (fig. 1a). - To disconnect: press the knob and pull the hose out of the vacuum cleaner (fig. 1b). • Connecting the nozzle, the telescopic tube and the handle: insert the narrowed section into the wider section while rotating a little (fig. 2). - To disconnect: pull while rotating. • To adjust the telescopic tube to the required length, pull the locking knob in the direction of the arrow (fig. 3) while sliding the top section of the telescopic tube in or out the lower section. Then release the knob • Nozzles: -Combi nozzle. This nozzle is convertible for use on either carpets (without brush, fig. 4) or hard floors (with brush, fig. 5); -Small nozzle, brush nozzle and crevice nozzle. These can be found in the special storage compartment (fig. 6-10); • Pull the mains plug out of the vacuum cleaner (fig. 11) and insert into the wall socket. • Press the on/off switch (I) (fig. 12). Pilot light “STAND BY” comes on. • The remote control enables you to adjust suction power from the hand grip (fig. 13). MAX = maximum suction power. STAND BY = appliance is in rest position (i.e. switched on, but not activated). - Move the slide towards MAX until the desired suction power is obtained. Medium suction power is advisable for general use. (See also the section on the Philips “Turbomax” motor.) Minimum suction power is advisable for dusting using the brush nozzle and for cleaning curtains, cloths, etc. Maximum suction power is advisable for cleaning very dirty carpets and hard floors. Insufficient suction power? Please check: -if the control on the hand grip is in the required position; - if the dustbag is full; -if the nozzle, tube or hose is blocked up. To remove the obstruction, disconnect the blocked-up item and connect it (as far as possible) in adverse position. Then the air will stream through the item in opposite direction. Philips “Turbomax” motor Your vacuum cleaner is equipped with the very powerful Philips “Turbomax” motor. As long as the dustbag is more or less empty, medium suction power will be quite enough for general use. This saves energy and makes vacuuming easy. As the dustbag becomes more and more full, you can select higher suction power. This ensures that the dustbag will be filled entirely. 4 Park If you wish to interrupt vacuum cleaning, you can place the tube clip into the rest (fig. 14). You can slide the clip along the tube to change the height. In one movement the tube is parked in a convenient position (fig. 15). Storage -Switch the vacuum cleaner off (fig. 16). -Remove the mains plug from the wall socket. -Rewind the mains cord by pressing the cordwinder pedal (i) (fig. 17). -Hitch the lower tube onto the vacuum cleaner (fig. 18-19). You can slide the clip along the tube to change the height. Replacing the dustbag • Only use this vacuum cleaner with the original Philips dustbags types Oslo+ (type n.. HR 6938 or service n.. 4822 015 70049) or Oslo+ Hygiene (closeable) (type n.. HR 6938-OSH or service n.. 4822 015 70057) (fig. 20). Damage due to using other dustbags is not covered by guarantee. • The "dustbag full indicator" will indicate when the dustbag is full (fig. 21). -Switch the vacuum cleaner off (fig. 16). -Remove the hose (fig. 1b). -Open the cover (fig. 22). -Remove the cassette with the full dustbag (fig. 23). -Remov...

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