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Instructions Samsung, Modèle VR10F71UCAV

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• Do not put any objects into openings. Do not use with any openings blocked; keep openings free of dust, lint, hair, and anything that may reduce air flow. • Do not pick up toxic materials (chlorine bleach, ammonia, drain cleaner, etc.). • Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoke, such as cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes. • Do not use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline, nor use on areas where they may be present. • Do not use vacuum cleaning robot in an enclosed space filled with vapours given off by oil based paint, paint thinner, moth proofing substances, flammable dust, or other explosive or toxic vapours. • Leaks from battery cells can occur under extreme usage or temperature conditions. If the liquid gets on skin, wash quickly with water. If the liquid gets into the eyes, flush them immediately with clean water for a minimum of 10 minutes. Seek medical attention. 04_ safety information contents SAFETY INFORMATION 02 PRODUCT FEATURES 13 ASSEMBLING THE CLEANER 15 OPERATING THE CLEANER 20 MAINTAIN TOOLS AND FILTERS 37 TROUBLESHOOTING 43 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION 46 06 Power Related 07 Before Use 10 In Use 11 Cleaning and Maintenance 15 Components 16 Name of each part 20 Installing the vacuum cleaning robot 20 Installation order 20 Turning the Power Switch on or off 21 Installing the charger 22 Charging 23 About the Battery 24 Setting the Time 25 Installing the VIRTUAL GUARD 27 Using the vacuum cleaning robot 27 Starting/Stopping Cleaning 28 Recharging 29 Auto Cleaning 30 Spot Cleaning 31 Max Cleaning 32 Manual Cleaning 33 Timer Reservation 34 Weekly Reservation 36 Additional Functions 36 Using additional functions 37 Cleaning the vacuum cleaning robot 37 Please keep the cleaning and maintenance methods in mind 37 Cleaning the Sensor Window and the Camera 38 Cleaning the Dust Bin and the Filters 39 Cleaning the vacuum cleaning robot 39 Cleaning the Power Brush 41 Cleaning the Edge-Cleaning Side rotating Brush 42 Cleaning the Driving Wheel 43 Checklist before SVC Calls 45 Troubleshooting for Error Codes contents _05 safety information POWER RELATED Do not bend the power cord forcefully or place a heavy object WARNING on it that could break it. -This may result in fire or electric shock. Make sure to remove any dust or water from the power plug. WARNING -Failing to do so may result in a malfunction or electric shock. Do not pull the power plug by the cord or touch the plug with WARNING wet hands. -This may result in fire or electric shock. Do not use multiple plugs in a single socket. WARNING (Do not leave the cord lying exposed on the fl oor.) -This may result in fire or electric shock. Do not use a damaged power cord, plug, or a loose power WARNING outlet. -This may result in fire or electric shock. 06_ safety information safety information _07 01 SAFETY INFORMATION BEFORE USE CAUTION Before activating the vacuum cleaning robot, make sure that the dust bin is assembled. - If the dust bin is not inserted, vacuum cleaning robot will not operate. CAUTION Never use vacuum cleaning robot in locations with combustible material such as. - Locations with candles or desk lamps on the fl oor. - Locations with unattended fi res (fi re or embers). - Locations with gasoline, distilled alcohol, thinner, ashtrays with burning cigarettes, etc. CAUTION Vacuum cleaning robot is for domestic use only. Do not use it in the following locations. - Attics, basements, warehouses, industrial buildings, separate rooms distant from the main building, locations exposed to wet or damp conditions such as bathrooms or wash rooms, and narrow and highly situated locations such as tables or shelves. Critical damage (abnormal operation and breakage) may occur when used in these locations. CAUTION Open all doors to clean all rooms. - When a door is closed, the vacuum cleaning robot will not be able to enter that room. - However, make sure to close the doors to the main entrance, the veranda and the bathroom, and any other rooms where the vacuum cleaning robot may fall to a lower fl oor. CAUTION Do not use the cleaner on a black fl oor. - The vacuum cleaning robot may not run normally in this case. CAUTION For carpets with long tassels, fold the tassels under the carpet. - Unfolded tassels may result in critical damage to the carpet and the machine itself, as they get caught in the driving wheel or the power brush. CAUTION When the cliff sensor is polluted, the vacuum cleaning robot may be in danger of falling down the stairs. This may cause personal injury and critical damage to the product. To prevent risk, install the VIRTUAL GUARDs (Fence Mode setting) in front of dagerous areas. Clean the sensor window and camera. 08_ safety information CAUTION Remove small objects or brittle items from the area to be cleaned in advance. - Make sure to clear any objects before cleaning. - Make sure to remove fragile items such as china, glass objects, fl owerpots, etc. - Vacuum cleaning robot does not recognize coins, ring...

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