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Instructions Thomas, Modèle Twin Aquatherm

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They contain important information on safety, use and maintenance of the THOMAS TWIN. Keep the Instructions for Use in a safe place and pass them on to any subsequent owners. The manufacturer will accept no liability, should the instructions below fail to be observed. • THOMAS TWIN is intended solely for use in the household by adults. • The appliance must never be started, if: - the mains lead is damaged, - damage is visible on the appliance, - it has fallen over. • The voltage data on the appliance’s rating plate must conform to the power supply. Do not connect to multiple sockets or adaptor plugs. • Caution! Danger of scalding during working with hot water. • Dispose of the packaging in accordance with the local regulations. • Never use the appliance in rooms in which inflammable materials are stored or in which gases have formed. • Never leave the appliance unattended while switched on and ensure that children do not play with the appliance. • Special care is to be exercised when cleaning stairs. Ensure that the appliance is firmly positioned at the bottom of the stairs and make sure that the hose is not tautened beyond its existing length. Never place the TWIN in an upright position (liquid can leak out). • Change the filters at regular intervals, as specified in your operating brochure. Do not use the TWIN for dry vacuuming, if the dust bag and the microfilter are not fitted. Do not stand on the appliance, and do not overextend or twist the hose system. Caution! This variant is not suitable for vacuuming substances which constitute a health risk, or for fluids which contain solvents, such as paint thinner, oil, petrol and caustic fluids. Keep head away from nozzles and pipes (when appliance is in operation), due to danger to eyes and ears, for example. Never aim the detergent or steam jet at persons, animals, sockets or electrical equipment. Persons with sensitive skin should avoid direct contact with the detergent solution. In the event of contact with mucous membranes (eye, mouth, etc.), rinse immediately with plenty of water. After using the appliance in wet/damp mode, empty the tanks. Keep chemicals (detergents for hard floors and carpeting) out of the reach of children. Correct functioning of the appliance and effective cleaning can only be guaranteed when the original THOMAS detergents are used. Never pull the lead out of the socket by the cable, but directly at the plug. Ensure that the mains lead is not subjected to heat or chemical fluids, and that it is not pulled across sharp edges or surfaces. Do not use extension cables in damp rooms. Before cleaning / filling / emptying / carrying out maintenance, and in the event of malfunctions, switch off all the switches and disconnect the mains plug. 14 • Do not leave the appliance outside, do not subject it to direct moisture, do not submerge it in liquids and do not store it directly next to heating units. • Never repair damage to the THOMAS TWIN, to the accessories, or to the mains lead (special lead required) yourself, but arrange to have such repair work carried out by an authorised after-sales service centre, as changes to the appliance may endanger your health. Ensure that only original replacement parts and accessories are used. • Do not vacuum toner dust! Toners such as those used in printers and copiers, can be electric conductors! Furthermore, it is possible that the appliance’s filter system will not completely filter out toner dust, and in this way it can enter the air supply of the room. • Dispose of the THOMAS TWIN in accordance with the local regulations, and cut off the mains plug beforehand. • The "Information and precautionary measures for use" in the individual sections of these Instructions for Use are also to be observed. • Get the maximum out of your appliance by using it correctly. 2.0 Introducing the Thomas TWIN 2.1 Areas of application for the THOMAS TWIN Scrubbing of hard floors with hot water. Spray-vacuuming for deep cleaning and stain removal of carpeting, hard floors, and upholstery, i.e. as wash-vacuum cleaner. Wet vacuuming, i.e. vacuuming water and other spilt liquids. Vacuuming of carpeting, hard floors, upholstery, etc. with all the benefits of modern floor vacuuming technology. 2.3 Unpacking the appliance Identify all the parts and functions by reference to the illustrations at the beginning of these Instructions for Use. (Sections 1.0). Dispose of the packaging material at the appropriate collecting depots for recycling. 2.2 Table of operating modes and applications Cleaning method Application Accessories Filtering Section Dust vacuuming • Carpeting and hard flooring • Upholstery, cars, etc. • Joints, corners, cars, points which are generally difficult to access Carpet nozzle (35) Upholstery nozzle (37) Joint nozzle (36) Dirty water tank (24) including wet filter (23 with complete AQUA filter (42)) + HEPA filter (20) + motor protection filter (21) + 1 liter of water 4....

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