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Instructions Doro, Modèle NEOBIO 15R

Fabricant : Doro
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Press b. Scroll between entries with {/}. You can quick search the phonebook by pressing the corresponding number key for the first letter. 2. Press q to make a call or press for various options. Incoming numbers/Caller ID The display shows you who is calling and the 10 most recent missed calls. NEW CALLS will be shown in standby mode and . in the list indicates a missed call. This function requires a subscription from your service provider! Retrieving and dialling 1. Press {. Scroll to the desired entry with }. 2. Press q to call or press for various options ( = back). Caller identification messages In addition to number display, the following messages will be shown occasionally: OUT OF AREA Unknown number, e.g. international call. WITHHELD Information about the number is blocked. Number cannot be shown. a MSG indication from your network operator* *To remove the message indicator press: Press { and then hold down 4. Functions 1. Press . Scroll to HS SETTINGS. Press OK. 2. Scroll to desired function e.g. LANGUAGE. Press OK. 3. Scroll to desired setting. Press OK. Alarm When the alarm is activated will be shown in standby mode. When the alarm goes off, a signal will be heard for 45 seconds. The signal can be turned off with any button. If SNOOZE is activated the alarm will go off again approx. 7 minutes later. Turn the alarm off permanently via the menu or by holding L down for a few seconds. The volume is determined by the set ringer level. Ring sETUP The handset’s ringer signal. INT/EXT=internal/external. Melodies 2,3,4... can continue for up to 8 seconds if the call is answered in another phone. TONE SETUP Any of the following warning tones can be disbled, Keytone, low battery and range. LANGUAGE The language of the display texts. RENAME HS The text shown in standby mode. HS DISPLAY Show name or time in standby mode. Auto Answer The call is answered when the handset is lifted from the base. Date & Time Setting the date/time. The format of date/time can also be adjusted. System settings System PIN is 0000 on delivery. 1. Press . Scroll to Bs SeTTINGS. Press OK. 2. Scroll to desired function. Press OK. 3. Enter the desired setting. Press OK. BS RINGER/ The base unit’s ringer signal can be RING VOLUME adjusted. Only applies to NeoBio 15r/25r. DeLETE HS Warning: To de-register a handset: WARNING, A deregistered handset can not be used with the system. DIAL MODE TONE/PULSE, should normally be set to TONE. Flash Time RECALL TIME. LONG=New Zealand. MEDIUM=France/Portugal. SHORT=others incl. UK/AUS. CHANGE PIN The code(e.g. 0000) can be changed. Expanded system (Two or more handsets e.g +1...) The call number for internal calls will be shown in the display in standby mode. The base unit should be positioned centrally so that the coverage area is roughly equal for all handsets. Intercom / internal call 1. Press (right menu button). 2. If using more than 2 handsets: Enter call number 1-6 for the desired handset or press 9 for all. A tone will be heard if an external call comes in while an internal call is in progress. End the internal call with L and then answer the external call with q. Transferring calls/Conference between handsets When an external call is connected; 1. Press . Scroll to INTERCOM. Press OK. 2. If using more than 2 handsets: Enter call number 1-6 for the desired handset or press 9 for all. 3. To transfer: press L, For conference: hold * pressed down. Register a new handset All handsets included in the package are already registered to the base unit. Only for separate handsets/ service measures. You can register up to 6 handsets to one base unit. This model is GAP (Generic Access Profile) compatible, which means that the handset and the base unit can both be used with most other GAP compatible units irrespective of manufacturer. However the GAP protocol cannot guarantee that all functions may be accessed. Extra handsets will not be available as accessories. 1. Hold down J (base unit) until indicator flashes. 2. Press . Scroll to Registration. Press OK. 3. Enter the base unit’s PIN code (e.g. 0000). Press OK. 4. If the registration is successful the unit will return to standby mode within one minute. Answer machine (only NeoBio 15r/25r) When the answer machine is switched on calls are answered after a set number of rings, your outgoing message is heard and the caller can leave a message. Total memory capacity is up to 15 minutes depending on the set sound quality (NeoBio 15r), or 30 min (NeoBio 25r). Most functions can be accessed from both base unit and handset. Switching the answer machine on/off Press 1 (on the base unit) to switch the answer machine off/on. If the base unit’s display is flashing/ showing -- the answer machine is disconnected, or time/date is not set. Off/On from the handset 1. Press . Scroll to ANS. MACHINE. Press OK. 2. Scroll to TAM OFF/ON. Press OK. 3. Scroll to desired setting. Press OK. If the handset’s display shows with a steady light the answer machine is switched on. I...

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