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Instructions Binatone, Modèle SYMPHONY 2200

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When the user of the other handset unit New call tone answers, you can talk on an intercom call. Contents of this User Guide Symphony 2200 Stylish Digital Cordless Telephone When both handsets are on an intercom call and an outside call comes in, you will 3 Press the HANG UP/C to transfer the call hear NEW CALL TONE over your conversation to tell you that someone is calling you. 1 Where to find it If the handset user does not answer: To answer the outside call and end the intercom call: . 2 Installation Unpacking your Symphony 2200 USER GUIDE you can get back to the outside call by pressing the INTERCOM button again Press the R utton To answer the outside call and put the intercom call on hold (so you can later use shuttle,conference or transfer): 4 Memory dialling d In the box are: 3 Making and answering calls You can also shuttle backwards and forwards between the calls • the cordless handset (two handsets with a Twin system, three with a Triple To shuttle between two calls Press INTERCOM utton system, four with a Quad system) 5 Caller Display the base unit d When you have both an outside call and an intercom call in progress, you can • shuttle from one to the other, like this: 6 Tones and volumes • rechargeable batteries or a battery pack, and a battery compartment cover for . Press the INTERCOM for one second to speak to each in turn, putting utton 7 Call barring the handset d the other on hold 8 Customising your phone • a telephone line cable You can transfer the outside call to the other handset by pressing the • a mains power lead and adapter 9 Resetting the system while you’re connected to the intercom call HANG UP/C If you press the HANG UP/C while you're connected to the outside call, you will disconnect it. To set up a three-way conference You can set up a conference using two handsets. When you have an outside call (either one you've made or answered, or one that’s been transferred to you) in progress Press the INTERCOM utton then key in a handset number 10 Using a muti-handset system 11 handset registration 12 Baby Call 13 Operational notes 14 Troubleshooting 15 Guarantee and service If you have an Symphony 2200Twin, Triple or Quad system, you should also have: • one, two or three charger pods • a mains power lead and adapter for each one Keep the packaging materials in a safe place in case you later need to transport the unit. Keep your sales (till) receipt, which is d 11 Handset registration • The outside call is put on hold. When the other handset user answers, and you have an intercom call in progress: 2 Press and hold the • (STAR) button for 2 seconds to set up a three-way conference • Both you and the other user are connected to the outside call. To suspend the other handset user from the conference call: Press and hold the • (STAR) button for 2 seconds You remain connected to the outside call.If the other user has not hung up, you can bring her/him back into the conference by pressing and hold the • (STAR) button for 2 seconds. If you press HANG UP/C during the conference call, youll leave the other user connected to the outside call. If the other user presses HANG UP/C, you’ll be left connected to the outside call. your guarantee. If you need help … 16 Technical details The Binatone Help Line is available from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday, on 0845 345 9677 Pressing buttons on your phone Calls are charged at Local Call rate. simply to ‘press’ a button, this means that you should press the button briefly, then release it. ¦ When the instructions in this user guide tell you Important note — emergency calls ¦ When the instructions tell you to ‘press and hold’ The Symphony 2200is not designed for making emergency calls when a button, this means you should keep the button the mains power fails. So you should make alternative arrangements for pressed until the display changes and/or you hear a access to Emergency Services. tone. (This means that you should also have a basic phone that does not need mains power, connected to your line so that you can make calls during a power failure.) Ver 2, Jul. 07 1932 1 12 Baby Call 13 Operational notes To register to a new base unit If your handset is already registered to a base unit, and you want to register it to another one: The handsets supplied with your Symphony2200 system are already With Baby Call (babysitter’s call) turned on, the handset will automatically dial a Electrical safety specified number when any button (except PROG) is pressed. Before you turn ¦ DON’T let the base unit get wet. Electrical equipment can cause serious registered to the base unit. You don t need to register them yourself. . Follow steps 1 to 5 on page 20. But at step 4, select the lowest numbered If you buy new handsets separately, you’ll need to register them. Up to free base unit (the lowest number that is still flashing). Baby Call on, you must programme the Baby Call phone number to be dialled. injury if used while you are wet or standing in water. six handse...

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