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Instructions Franklin Industries, L.L.C., Modèle FIM200

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5. Push the ice maker into position. 6. Seal all around the cabinet to the floor with an approved caulking compound. Operation Final Check List before Operation 1. Have all packing materials and tape been removed from the interior and exterior of the ice maker? 2. Did you clean the ice storage bin? (See pages 15 - 17.) 3. Have the installation instructions been followed, including connecting the machine to water and electricity? 4. Has the machine been leveled? 5. Is the ice cube machine in a site where the ambient temperature is between 50. F (10. C) and 100. F (38. C) and the water temperature between 41. F (5. C) and 90. F (32. C) all year round? 6. Has the water supply pressure been checked to ensure a minimum of 15 psig with a static pressure not to exceed 80 psig? 7. Is there a clearance of at least 2/5_(10 mm) at the rear, 1_(25 mm) at the top and 1/5_ (5 mm) at the sides for proper air circulation? 8. Has the power supply voltage been checked or tested against the nameplate rating? And has proper grounding been installed for the ice cube machine? 9. Is the ice cube machine plugged in? 10. Have you turned on the main water supply and the tap? 11 11. Have you checked for leaks at all water supply connections? Operating Method 1. Turn on the water tap, letting the water enter the water tank, then turn the power switch ON. The power switch’s indicator lamp lights, as well as the other three indicator lights on the control panel. 2. After about 3 minutes, the ice maker will automatically proceed to the ice-making stage, and the sound of flowing water will be heard. Only the red power switch lamp and the green Ice Making LED will be on. 3. When the batch of ice has been fully formed, ice will automatically fall into the ice storage bin. The yellow Ice Harvest LED will be on, and the other two will be off. 4. When the ice storage bin is full, the sheet of cubes will not fall completely and will hold the ice-full probe open. The machine is in the ice-full mode, and the red Ice Full LED will be lit. The other two LEDs will be off. 5. The unit starts making ice again after the ice cubes are removed. At the same time, the ice-full probe swings back to operating position. Ice-making stage Ice harvest stage IMPORTANT: • Although the unit has been tested and cleaned at the factory, due to long-term transit and storage, the first batch of cubes must be discarded. • Never turn the water supply tap off when the ice maker is working. • Never touch the evaporator when the machine is running. • Except to take ice from the unit, keep the door closed to reduce melting and insure proper ice formation. How the Machine Makes Ice When the power switch is first turned ON, the machine is in Stand-by mode. After about 3 minutes, it will automatically proceed to the ice-making stage. There are two distinct cycles: Freeze and Harvest. During the Freeze cycle, water flows to the evaporator surface. In the Harvest cycle, the ice is released and water enters the machine. A complete cycle can take 15 to 40 minutes, depending on ambient temperature and operating conditions. Freeze: During the Freeze cycle the compressor is pumping refrigerant, the fan motor is fully formed, the ice maker stops the Freeze cycle and begins the Harvest cycle. Harvest: During the Harvest cycle the compressor is still operating, but the water pump has stopped. The hot gas valve opens, diverting hot refrigerant gas into the evaporator. The gas warms the evaporator, causing the cubes to slide as a unit off the evaporator and into the storage bin. The Freeze cycle will restart when all the cubes drop into the bin. How the machine uses water: 12 The ice cube machine begins with a fixed charge of water that is contained in the water tank. As the water flows to the freezing evaporator surface, the water will freeze and stick to the ice cube molds. During the ice-making process, fresh water enters the water tank continuously as the water from the trough freezes continuously on the evaporator. inlet Water pump Water tray (trough) Compressor Condenser Normal Sounds Your new ice cube machine may make sounds that are unfamiliar to you. Most of the new sounds are normal. Hard surfaces like the floor and walls can amplify the sounds. The following describes the kinds of sounds that might be new to you and what may be causing them. • Rattling noises may come from the flow of the refrigerant or the water line. Items stored on top of the ice cube machine can also make noises. • The high-efficiency compressor may make a pulsating or high-pitched sound. • Running water may make a splashing sound. • You may hear air being forced over the condenser by the condenser fan. • During the Harvest cycle, you may hear the sound of ice cubes falling into the ice storage bin. Preparing the Ice Cube Machine for Long Storage If the ice cube machine will not be used for a long time, or it is to be moved to another place, it will be necessary to drain the system of water. 1. Shut off the w...

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