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Instructions Alto-Shaam, Modèle TY2-72

Fabricant : Alto-Shaam
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HALO HEAT … a controlled, uniform heat source that gentlyholds and surrounds food for better appearance, taste, and longer holding life. . Holds and displays hot food fresh and moist for hours — without adding water. . Expandable system to meet your specific requirements. . Matches profile of leading refrigerated display case. . HOT DISPLAY CASE — Curved glass styling. — Displays hot food without condensation on glass. — Thermostatically controlled heat source radiates from the base of the display case in multiple heat zones. — Overhead light zones with shatterproof coated bulbs. — Holds a full range of standard (gastronorm) pan sizes, full-size or half-size sheet pans. — Tempered sliding glass doors reflect heat back into the productsand mirror the display to enhance merchandising effect. . DECORATOR BASE — Standard black painted front and end panels. . SELF-SERVICE HOT DISPLAY — Customer self-service opening is available on right side, left side, or across the full length of case. — Front mounted heat-guard provides customer protection. The display case is constructed of 18 gauge, non-magnetic stainless steel. A tempered glass front encloses the display case and can be lifted to a 90 degree angle for easy cleaning. Removable, sliding glass doors on the operator side are included. Sliding door tracks have a “clean sweep” cutout allowing for easy cleaning and crumb removal. Framed end glass withrubber gasket material protects glass edges from chipping and breakage. The base is divided into two (2) individually managed heat zones with each zone controlled by a separate thermostat with a range of 1 through 10 and heat-on indicator light. Overhead lights are controlled by ON/OFF switches in two (2) light zones. Two (2) 125V plug outlets are availableas an option on 120/208-240V units only. Counter-top display cases include one set of 4" (102mm) legs. ¦ TY2-72 -72" (1829mm) length ¦ TY2SYS-72 -72" (1829mm) length, with base ¦ TY2-72/P -72" (1829mm) length, 71-5/16" (1811mm) self-service opening across full length of case front ¦ TY2SYS-72/P -72" (1829mm) length, with base, 71-5/16" (1811mm) self-service opening across full length of case front ¦ TY2-72/PL -72" (1829mm) length, 23-3/4" (603mm) self-service opening on left side of case front ¦ TY2SYS-72/PL -72" (1829mm) length, 23-3/4" (603mm) with base, self-service opening on left side of case front ¦ TY2-72/PR -72" (1829mm) length, 23-3/4" (603mm) self-service opening on right side of case front ¦ TY2SYS-72/PR -72" (1829mm) length, with base, 23-3/4" (603mm) self-service opening on right side of case front FACTORY INSTALLED OPTIONS . Panel Color Choices . The system base is not sold as a separate Specify color choice: item. Order the full TY2SYS model to ¦ Black, standard receive the base. ANSI/NSF 4 ¦ Stainless Steel, optional ¦ Custom Color, optional W164 N9221 Water Street • P.O. Box 450 • Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53052-0450 • U.S.A. PHONE: 262.251.3800 800.558.8744 U.S.A./CANADA FAX: 262.251.7067 800.329.8744 U.S.A. ONLY PRINTED IN U.S.A. DUE TO ONGOING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, SPECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE . #55 -03/08 TY2-72 TY2SYS-72 TY2-72 SERIES TY2SYS-72SERIESHEATEDDISPLAYSYSTEMSDIMENSIONS(HXWXD) EXTERIOR,COUNTER-TOPMODEL...

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