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Instructions Citizen, Modèle CT-S2000

Fabricant : Citizen
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¦ In case of trouble do not attempt to repair the printer. Ask Citizen Systems service for repair. ¦ Be careful that the printer cover does not entrap your hands or fingers. ¦ Be careful with sharp edges on the printer. Do not allow them to injure you or damage property. •May result in electric shock, burn, or injury. If the printer emits smoke, an odd smell, or unusual noise while printing, immediately abort the current print session and unplug the printer from the supply outlet. DAILY MAINTENANCEObserve the following precautions for daily maintenance. ¦ When cleaning the printer, always turn it off and unplug it from the supply outlet. ¦ Use a soft, dry cloth for cleaning the surface of the printer case. ¦ For severe stains, use a soft cloth slightly dampened with water. ¦ Never use organic cleaning solvent such as alcohol, paint thinner, trichloroethylene, benzene, or ketone. Never use a chemically processed cleaning cloth. ¦ To remove paper dust, use a soft brush. CAUTION • The thermal head is at a dangerously high temperature immediately after printing. Allow it to cool off before launching maintenance work. — 6 — 1. GENERAL OUTLINE The CT-S2000/CT-S2000DC are thermal line printers designed for use with a broad array of terminal equipment including data, POS, and kitchen terminals. With extensive features, they can be used in a wide range of applications. 1.1 Features . Compact, easy-to-use universal design. . Drop-in Paper Roll mechanism facilitating easy paper handling and head cleaning. . Drip-proof design . High speed (220 mm/s) printing. . Versatile Roll Capacity with ability to use 83 mm, 80 mm, 60 mm and 58 mm wide paper rolls. . Can use paper roll with a maximum of 102 mm diameter. . Equipped with USB interface as standard . Replaceable interface board. . High-speed parallel interface (Parallel interface model) . Built-in cash drawer interface. . Auto cutter mechanism provided as a standard. . User customization such as memory switch setting are available. . Page mode. Now you can arrange pages freely. . Registration of user-defined characters and logos into flash memory. . Barcode & 2D Barcode printing is supported. . 2-color printing is supported(When specified paper is used). . Error indication is available with LED or buzzer. [Only CT-S2000L, CT-S2000DCL] . High-speed printing at a maximum of 220 mm/s is possible (* 154 mm/s at standard density on label paper). . Usable with label paper of 57.5 mm, 59.5 mm, and 79.5 mm wide other than 82.5 mm wide. . Automatic adjustment of paper sensor sensitivity is available.usable without step. *Description marked “*L” in this manual is the description for CT-S2000L/CT-S2000DCL. Read this manual after confirming your model in use. — 7 — 1.2 Unpacking 1.2 Unpacking When unpacking the printer, confirm that the following are provided: . Printer: 1 . AC adapter (Option, only for CT-S2000DC): 1 . AC power cord (Option, only for CT-S2000DC): 1 . Sample paper roll: 1 roll . Quick start guide: 1 . CD-ROM: 1 CD-ROM Quick start guide CT-S2000 Sample paper roll (AC power type) AC power cord AC power cord (Option) CD-ROM AC adapter Quick start guide CT-S2000DC (Option) Sample paper roll (DC power supply type) 1.3 Model Classification The printer models are classified by the following designation method: CT - S2000 Power supply No marking: AC power type (built-in power supply) DC: DC power supply type Interface PA: IEEE1284 & USB RS: RS-232C & USB UB: USB only (Option) ET:Ethernet+USB RS E -BK Label/Black mark No marking: Standard L: Label M: Black mark Body case color WH: Cool white BK: Black GR: Dark Grey Character set, AC cable, E: Europe U: USA — 8 — 1.4 Basic Specifications 1.4 Basic Specifications Item Specifications Model CT-S2000 PA, CT-S2000 RS, CT-S2000DC PA, CT-S2000DC RS Print method Line thermal dot print method Print width *1 80 mm/640 dots, 72 mm/576 dots, 54.5 mm/436 dots, 54 mm/432 dots Dot density 8 . 8 dots/mm (203 dpi) Print speed 220 mm/s (Fastest, print density 100 %), 1760 dot lines/s Number of print columns *2 Number of print columns (columns) Dot configuration (Dot) Paper width Font 83mm 80mm 60mm 58mm Font A 53 48 36 35 12 . 24 Font B 71 64 48 46 9 . 24 Font C 80 72 54 52 8 . 16 Character size *4 Font A: 1.50 . 3.00 mm, Font B: 1.13 . 3.00 mm, Font C: 1.00 . 2.00 mm Character type Alphanumeric, International, PC437 PC850/852/857/858/860/863/864/ 865/866/WPC1252/Katakana/Thai code 18 User memory 384 KB (Capable of registering user-defined characters and logos) Types of bar code UPC-A/E, JAN (EAN) 13/8 columns, ITF, CODE 39, CODE 128, CODABAR, CODE 93, PDF417, QR Code Line spacing 4.23 mm (1/6 inch) Paper roll Thermal paper roll: 83 mm/80 mm/60 mm/58 mm .Maximum .102 mm Paper thickness: 65-85 .m +0 .1 +0 .1 +0 .1 +0 .1 Interfacing Serial (RS-232C compliant), Parallel (IEEE 1284 compliant), USB, Ethernet Cash drawer interface 2 cash drawers are supported. Input buffer 4k bytes/45 bytes Supply voltage DC 24 V ±7% Power consumption Approx. 70W (...

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