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Instructions Sony, Modèle MZ-RH1

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Facilité d'utilisation

. If you operate the recorder while it is connected to a computer, it takes time for the rechargeable battery to be sufficiently charged by USB bus power. For faster charging, do not operate the recorder. The installation was not successful. . You are using an OS that does not support this software (. page 19). . All windows applications are not closed. If you start the installation while other programs are running, a malfunction may occur. This is especially true for programs that require large amounts of system resources, such as virus-check software. . There is not enough hard disk space on your hard disk. You need 200 MB or more free space on your hard disk. The installation appears to have stopped before it has completed. . Check for the appearance of an error message beneath the installation window. Press the [Alt] key or [Tab] key to display any message that has appeared, and then follow the displayed instructions. If there is no message, the installation is still in progress. Wait a little while longer. The progress bar on the display is not moving or the access lamp has not lit for a few minutes during the installation. . The installation is progressing normally. Please wait. The installation may take 30 minutes or more, depending on your CD drive or system environment. You cannot record audio data when you press and slide the REC switch while using the MD Simple Burner software. . The recorder is not correctly connected to the computer. Connect the recorder and your computer correctly using the USB cable. . Audio CD is not inserted in CD drive of the computer. Insert Audio CD. . The capacity of the disc is insufficient. Insert another disc. Even though the recorder is recognized by the computer, it does not operate normally. . A USB hub is used. Connect the USB cable directly to the USB port of the computer. . You are using the recorder at a place with vibration. Use the recorder at a place with no vibration. The recorder cannot be used as a storage device. . The SonicStage or MD Simple Burner software is active. Close the SonicStage or MD Simple Burner software. The playing time of a transferred track is different from the time that appears on your computer monitor. . This is due to a calculation discrepancy between the recorder and the computer. Symptom Case and/or corrective action You cannot transfer audio data from your computer that will fill up the remaining recording time on the disc. . Due to the limitations of the system, the audio data is recorded in several-second steps. Therefore, when you record many short tracks, the total recording time increases but does not tally with the remaining recording time. The disc size displayed on the computer is not the same as the disc size printed on the disc. . The difference is due to the use of the binary system to indicate the disc size on the computer and the decimal system to express the disc size on the disc (. page 30) and other recording media. You cannot operate the recorder. . You cannot operate the recorder while the recorder is connected to the computer. The lid does not open. . It happens if you disconnect the USB cable in the middle of a data transfer, recording, or editing operation on the computer, but while the rechargeable battery is missing from the recorder or is drained. Reconnect the USB cable or insert a fully charged rechargeable battery into the recorder, and then press . · CANCEL. While recording Symptom Case and/or corrective action The remaining recording time appears as “R 00:00” and recording cannot be done, even though 2.0 MB of free space is displayed. . This is a system limitation. 2.0 MB is the capacity of the reserve domain. The recorder always creates a new group when recording. . The group recording (“Group REC”) is set to “On”. (You cannot overwrite tracks.) Set the group recording setting to “Off” (. page 51). The first few seconds of a track cannot be recorded. . If you start recording before the operation mode appears and the operation lamp disappears in the display, data will not be recorded to the first few seconds of the first track. Wait until the operation mode appears and the operation lamp disappears before you start recording. A new group cannot be created. . This occurs due to the MiniDisc system limitation (MD mode only). When the total number of characters used on a disc (for track names, artist names, album names, group names and disc name) is more than about 1,700, it becomes impossible to create a new group. Continued . Symptom Case and/or corrective action Recording cannot be done correctly. . Audio sources may not be securely connected. Disconnect the audio sources once and connect them again (. pages 31, 37). . There is no digital signal from the portable CD player. When recording digitally from a portable CD player, use the AC power adaptor and disable the anti-skip function (such as ESP) on the CD player. . The analog recording was made using a connecting cord with an attenuator. Use a conn...

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