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Instructions Sony, Modèle NW-A605

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For details on editing track information, refer to CONNECT Player Help. Note 67 Advanced Feature Storing Data Other Than Audio Files You can store computer data into the built-in flash memory of the player by transferring it from your computer with Windows Explorer. The built-in flash memory appears in Windows Explorer as a removable storage drive. Notes Do not use CONNECT Player while using Windows Explorer to interact with the built-in flash memory of the player. Always use CONNECT Player to transfer to the player audio files that you want to play. Audio files transferred with Windows Explorer cannot be played by the player. Do not disconnect the USB cable while transferring data between a computer and the player because the data being transferred could be damaged. Do not format the built-in flash memory using Windows Explorer. If you format the built-in flash memory, format it using the “Format” menu of the player (^ page 48). 68 Advanced Feature Upgrading the Player’s Firmware You can update the player’s firmware, ensuring you to add new features for the player by installing the latest player’s firmware to the player. For details about the latest firmware information and how to install it, visit the following web site: For customers in the USA: For customers in Canada: For customers in Europe: For customers in China: For customers in Taiwan: For customers in Korea: For customers in other countries or areas: O Download “Digital Player Software Update tool” to your computer from the web site. e Connect the player to your computer, and then start up “Digital Player Software Update tool.” Follow the on-screen instructions to update the player’s firmware. o When the completion message appears, click “Finish.” “Digital Player Software Update tool” quits itself. Firmware update is complete. 69 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If the player does not function as expected, try the following steps to resolve the issue. t Reset button 1 Reset the player by pressing the Reset button with a small pin. All the tracks and settings stored on the player will not be erased even when you reset it. 2 Find the symptoms of the issue in the following troubleshooting tables, and try any corrective actions listed. 3 Check for information about the issue in CONNECT Player Help. 4 Look for information about the issue on one of the support Web sites. For customers in the USA, visit: For customers in Canada, visit: For customers in Europe, visit: For customers in China, visit: For customers in Taiwan, visit: For customers in Korea, visit: For customers in other countries or areas, visit: 5 If the approaches listed above fail to resolve the issue, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Operation Symptom Cause/Remedy There is no sound. Noise is generated. > The volume level is set to zero. ^ Turn the volume up page 9). > The headphone jack is not connected properly. ^ Connect the headphone jack properly (^ page 10). The headphone plug is dirty. ^ Clean the headphone plug with a soft dry cloth. > No audio files are stored in the built-in flash memory. ^ If “NO DATA” appears, transfer audio file(s) from the computer. Continued ^ 70 Troubleshooting Operation (continued) Symptom Cause/Remedy Buttons do not work. • The Shuttle switch is set to the HOLD position. ^ Set the Shuttle switch to the center (normal) position (^ page 9). • The player contains moisture condensation. ^ Wait a few hours to let the player dry. • The remaining battery power is insufficient. ^ Charge the battery (^ page 61). The transferred tracks cannot be found. • The Play Range is shortened by the Music Library function. ^ Select “All Song” in the Search menu (^ page 12). • The built-in flash memory of the player was formatted using Windows Explorer. ^ Format the built-in flash memory using the “Format” menu of the player (^ page 48). • The supplied USB cable is disconnected while data is being transferred. ^ Transfer usable files back to your computer and format the built-in flash memory using the “Format” menu of the player (^ page 48). The volume is not loud enough. • AVLS is enabled. ^ Disable AVLS (^ page 39). There is no sound from the right channel of the headphones. • The headphone jack is not fully inserted. ^ Connect the headphones into the jack until it clicks (^ page 10). • The headphone extension cord is not properly connected to the headphone jack of the player or the headphone cord. ^ Connect the headphone extension cord to...

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