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All Elinchrom products are manufactured using the most advanced technology. Carefully selected components are used to ensure the highest quality and the equipment is submitted to many tests both during and after manufacture. We trust that it will give you many years of reliable service. Please read the instructions carefully, before use, for your safety and to obtain maximum benefit from many features. Your Elinchrom-Team Please read carefully the notes about this manual… This manual may show im

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Hooded Diffusers 04.2010 (N° 73006) English Fitting of Hooded Front Diffusers for Rotalux Softboxes Please Note: The same technique is used to fit the Square, Rectangular, Octagonal and the Rotagrid Diffuser. 1. Assemble the softbox 2. Lay the Hooded Diffuser 3. Pull the capped end of the without the front Diffuser and over the softbox. rod from the corner pocket of place it on a floor or table. the softbox. 4. Locate the Velcro™ strip in the corner of the 5. Replace the capped end of the rod co

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Precise repeatability with ultra- stable electronics controlled by large digital displays.Elinchromperformancecharacteristics now exceed the most demanding criteria. The revised range of Style RX units, with power variation from 1200 Ws to 9 Ws, offer optional digital 2-way remote control and provide the possibility to interface with Mac and PC workstations, combining seamlessly with the new digital RX packs. Style 300 RX 230 V / 20625 -110 V / 20725 Power Control RX Why Style RX ? • Interface f