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Instructions Tasco, Modèle REDDOT Scope

Fabricant : Tasco
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10 ISTRUZIONI (Italiano)..................................................................................14 ANWEISUNGEN (Deutsch)...........................................................................18 INSTRUcOES (Portugues)............................................................................22 1 English Rheostat with 11-Position Detents for Varying Light Intensity/ Solar panel power source (select models only) Battery Compartment Elevation Adjustment Turret Windage Adjustment Turret Dust Cap Dust Cap Eyebell Locking Nut Congratulations on purchasing your Tasco Red Dot illuminated optical sight. Designed with a unique rheostat that features 11 positive detents for a full range of light intensities, this is a state-of-the-art scope designed for hunting, plinking and target shooting with pistols, rifles, shotguns and bows. Engineered for greater speed and accuracy, this scope allows you to unconsciously concentrate on the reticle, thus increasing accuracy. Tasco’s Red Dot illuminated reticle has been pre-focused so the aiming point always appears against the target. By comparison, open sights force you to focus on the rear sight, front sight and target at the same time. Also standard rifle or pistol scopes bring the target into focus only on the internal reticle. Its aiming system is engineered to be the brightest of its kind. All in all, this scope is proof positive that Tasco is positioned squarely on the leading edge of advanced technology. 2 MOUNTING YOUR RED DOT SCOPE 1. The base or bases should be manufactured specifically for your pistol, rifle or shotgun and should create a uniform horizontal and vertical mounting platform. Be sure they are properly installed and securely fastened according to the manufacturer’s instructions for your safety. There is no set eye relief for this sight, therefore, you should provide at least three inches of clearance between the eyebell and your eye when in the shooting position. 2. Set the clamps onto the base or bases so that they align with the crosscut grooves. Work each clampscrew into the base until the crossbolt seats into the groove. Securely tighten each locking nut with a coin or screwdriver. For additional holding power, add a drop of thread-locking compound to the center of each locking nut. INSTALLING BATTERIES Your new Tasco Red Dot is powered by one 3V “coin-style” lithium battery, Type 2032. Should your reticle grow dim or not light at all, you will need to replace the batteries. To install new batteries, unscrew the battery compartment and insert “+” side up. Replace battery cover. ZEROING YOUR RED DOT SIGHT NOTE: THE FOLLOWING SHOULD BE DONE AT AN APPROVED RANGE OR OTHER SAFE AREA. EYE AND EAR PROTECTION IS RECOMMENDED. 1. Activate the illuminated reticle by turning the rheostat knob clockwise to brighten and counterclockwise to dim. The “1” represents the dimmest and the “11” the brightest illuminations. 2. Remove the windage and elevation adjustment caps. 3. With the scope mounted, rest the gun on a solid support. Sight along the barrel and aim at a target 50 to 100 yards away. Sight through your Red Dot and use the windage and elevation adjustments to align the lighted reticle with the target as seen along the barrel. Each click of adjustment moves the point of impact by 1/2” at 100 yards, 1/4” at 50 yards, and 1/8” at 25 yards. CAUTION! BE SURE GUN IS NOT LOADED. USE SAFE GUN HANDLING PROCEDURES AT ALL TIMES. 3 Solar Powered Tasco Red dot (not available on all models) If your Tasco sight has a solar panel, no batteries are required during regular daylight hours. However you may wish to install them as a backup for times when the sun is not bright enough to power the red dot to the intensity you might like. For example, at dusk and dawn, you probably will want to use the battery backup to power the red dot. To switch from solar power to auxiliary power, just switch the power source button from the solar position () to the battery () position. When you want to turn the unit off, just switch the power source button to solar and set the rheostat at “0”. LITHIUM BATTERY REFERENCE CHART Duracell Sunrise/Radio Shack NEDA Type (size) DL2032 CR2032 5004L Other brands of batteries not listed in the chart are available and suitable for use with your Red Dot. Refer to “coin cell” NEDA type when purchasing batteries or consult with your dealer. CAUTION: BE SURE GUN IS NOT LOADED WHEN INSTALLING BATTERIES. 4 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Model Number: BKRD30 BKRD30/22 BKRD42 Power: 1X 1X 1X Reticle Type: Illuminated, 5 MOA Illuminated, 5 MOA Illuminated, 5 MOA Finish: Matte Black Matte Black Matte Black Weight: 171g 167g 187g Length: 3 7/8” 3 7/8” 3 7/8” Diameter: 30mm 30mm 42mm INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Plastic Dust Caps (2), Polishing cloth, Lithium Battery 5 Francais Rheostat avec detente 11 positions pour intensite lumineuse variable/ Source d’energie par panneau solaire (certains modeles seulement) Compartiment a piles Capuchon de reglage vertical Capuc...

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