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Precedent is a flexible line of packaged units that cover a wide variety of applications. ReliaTel™ microprocessor controls provide superior flexibility for the simplest to the most sophisticated applications. In addition to controls, Precedent offers many other outstanding features and option choices. With its sleek compact cabinet, rounded corners and beveled top, it may just be the most aesthetically pleasing packaged unit on the planet. And, of course, Precedent carries the Trane reputation for excellence, quality and reliability. It’s hard to stop a Trane. From simple applications, to the most complex, Precedent has the solution. © 2003 American Standard Inc. All rights reserved. PKGP-PRC004-EN Contents Introduction Features and Benefits Application Considerations Selection Procedure Model Number Description General Data Performance Data Controls Electrical Data Jobsite Connections Dimensional Data Weights Mechanical Specifications PKGP-PRC004-EN Unit Cabinet The compact cabinet with rounded corners takes up less room and is less costly to ship. The beveled and ribbed top is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is designed to prevent water from pooling Single Point Power A single electrical connection powers the unit. Compressors Precedent™ contains the best compressor technology available to achieve the highest possible performance. Our compressor line includes Trane-built Climatuff™ reciprocating and scrolls. Easy Access Panels Easy access panels reduce the number of possible water entry points. Remove two screws for access to the standardized internal components and wiring. Low Ambient Cooling All Precedent units have cooling capabilities down to -18°C (0°F) as standard. Features and Benefits Easy-Adjust Idler Arm With the Easy-Adjust Idler Arm, the belt and sheaves can be quickly adjusted without moving the mounted fan motor. The result is a major savings in time and money. Colored And Numbered Wiring You save time and money tracing wires and diagnosing the unit. Convertible Units • The units ship in a downflow configuration. They can be easily converted to horizontal by simply moving two panels. • Units come complete with horizontal duct flanges so the contractor doesn’t have to field fabricate them. These duct flanges are a time and cost saver. Unit Base For added water integrity, Precedent has a raised 29 mm 1(1/8") lip around the unit’s downflow supply and return to prevent water from blowing into the ductwork. Patented Condenser Coil Precedent boasts a patented 1+1+1 Hybrid coil, permanently gapped for easy cleaning. Sloped Drain Pans Every Precedent unit has a noncorrossive, removable, double-sloped drain pan that’s easy to clean and reversible to allow installation of drain trap on either side of the unit. Through the Base Condensate Every unit includes provisions for through the base condensate drain connections. This allows the drain to be connected through the roof curb instead of a roof penetration. Foil-Faced Insulation All panels in the Evaporator section of the unit have cleanable foil-faced insulation. All edges are either captured or sealed to ensure no fibers get into the airstream. PKGP-PRC004-EN Features and Benefits Standardized Components • Components are placed in the same location on all Precedent™ units. Familiarize yourself with one Precedent and you are familiar with every Precedent. Easy Access Low Voltage Terminal Board Precedent’s Low Voltage Terminal Board is external to the electrical control cabinet. It is extremely easy to locate and attach the thermostat wire. This is another cost and time saving installation feature. Low Voltage Connections The wiring of the low voltage connections to the unit and the zone sensors is as simple as 1-1, 2-2, and 3-3. This simplified system makes it easy for the installer to wire Single-Side Service Single-side service is standard on all Precedent units. Flexible Applications • Only two roof curbs for the 5-10 ton Precedent line…simplifies curb selection. • Airflow is outstanding. The Precedent can replace an older machine with old ductwork and, in many cases, improve comfort through better air distribution. • Belt drive — standard or oversized supply fan motors meet a wide airflow range. • Precedent offers ultimate flexibility. Options and components are not prepackaged at the factory. Units are built to order in our standard “shortest in the industry” ship cycle time. PKGP-PRC004-EN Features and Benefits Micro Controls Several years ago, Trane was the first to introduce microprocessor controls into the Light Commercial Market. That design, along with immeasurable experience, has provided the technology for Trane’s second-generation ReliaTel™ microprocessor controls. ReliaTel Micro: • Provides unit control for heating, cooling, and ventilating by utilizing input from sensors that measure outdoor and indoor temperature. • Improves quality and reliability through the use of time-tested microprocessor controls and logic. • Prevents the ...

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