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Instructions Alesis, Modèle WILDFIRE 15

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Make sure all items listed on the front of this guide are in the Wildfire's box. 2. Read the Important Safety Instructions document included with the Wildfire. 3. Study the Hookup Diagram below. 4. Make sure all equipment is turned off and all gain knobs are set to zero. 5. Connect your guitar and other equipment to the Wildfire in the manner illustrated below. Refer to the Features section for details on which cables and equipment to use. 6. Plug in all devices and turn them on. 7. Experiment with the Wildfire's effect combinations. Refer to the Effect Quick Reference on the next page. 8. When finished, turn off the amp before disconnecting any equipment to prevent damage to the speaker. 9. Go to to register the Wildfire. Front Panel Input Display VALUE Knob BASS Knob MASTER VOLUME Knob Power Switch Program Up/Down EFFECT Knob DRIVE Knob TREBLE Knob HEADPHONES Jack Note: Wildfire 60 is pictured. Some of the front panel features are not found on the Wildfire 15 and 30. Rear Panel Fuse FOOTSWITCH UP/DOWN INPUTS AUX INPUT SPEAKER OUTPUT Power Cord EXPRESSION PEDAL INPUT STEREO LINK OUTPUT Wildfire Hookup Diagram Expression Pedal Front Panel Rear Panel Footswitches CD Player Amp Features of the Wildfire 1. Input – plug your guitar into this 1/4" unbalanced input using a TS cable. 2. Program Up/Down Buttons – these change the program number; when pressed together, they put the unit in Bypass and Mute modes and access the tuner. 3. Display – indicates bank and program, shows parameter values and displays pitch in tuner mode. 4. EFFECT Knob – puts the Wildfire in PLAY mode or EDIT mode. You are in EDIT mode when you select a module or parameter with this knob. 5. VALUE Knob – adjusts parameter values, program numbers and master volume; stores changes. 6. DRIVE Knob – gives direct control of the DRIVE parameter found in the effect processor. 7. BASS Knob – adjusts the bass in your signal independently of the EQ effect. 8. TREBLE Knob – adjusts the treble in your signal independently of the EQ. 9. MASTER VOLUME Knob – controls the volume of the signal sent to the speaker, headphones, STEREO LINK OUTPUT and SPEAKER OUTPUT. 10. HEADPHONES Jack – plug in your headphones using a 1/4" stereo plug. 11. Power Switch – turns the Wildfire on and off. 12. Fuse – Replaceable fuse. See the rear panel of the Wildfire for details. 13. Power Cord – Plug this cord into a proper AC outlet. See the rear panel for details. 14. FOOTSWITCH UP/DOWN INPUT – Plug footswitches into these 1/4" jacks. Footswitches serve the same functions as the Program Up and Down buttons. 15. EXPRESSION PEDAL INPUT – Plug an expression pedal into this 1/4" jack for easy control over effect parameters. 16. AUX INPUT – Plug a CD player or other audio device into these RCA jacks and play along! 17. STEREO LINK OUTPUT – Use a 1/4" TS cable to connect this jack to the input of another amplifier for true stereo. 18. SPEAKER OUTPUT – Use a 1/4" TS cable to connect this jack to an external 8-ohm speaker. Effect Quick Reference Refer to chapter 10 of the User Manual for more details on effect modules. 1. COMP/LIMIT – provides increasing levels of compression (C1-C9) and limiting (L1-L9). 2. DIST – various types ...

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