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Instructions Marshall Amplification, Modèle MG15DFX

Fabricant : Marshall Amplification
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Forty years ago amps like these only existed in our wildest dreams clean to full-out thrash, and the general quality of tone that emanates from these little boxes is excellent, with none of the boxiness you’d expect from a small loudspeaker. Above the halfway mark, the clean volume control starts to add a nice bluesy distortion, one that sounded particularly good with a Strat. The overdrive channel goes much further: from classic rock at lower gain settings to massive sustain, which is perfect for instrumental work. There’s more than enough range from the tone controls to suit any guitar. The most powerful control to play with is the contour, which can go from an exaggerated scoop with mids cut and treble and bass boosted, to an equally exaggerated woody mid-range thump. This needs a little taming - you only have to nudge it a millimetre or so to hear a difference, so use with care. The MG15CDR’s reverb is a little short on decay, but is clank free and there’s more than enough level with no background noise as the level is wound up - surf punks will love it. The MG 15DFX is the one to go for if you don’t like cluttering the floor with MARSHALL MG15CDR COMBO TEST RESULTS Build Quality ★ ★★ k* Build Quality ★ ★★ Features ★ ★★★ Features Sound ★ ★★★ Sound ★ ★★★ Value for money ★ ★★★★ Value for money ★ ★★★★ WE LIKED: Same as MG15CD but the digital effects are better than you’d believe possible at the price WE DISLIKED: Same as MG15CD WE LIKED: Same as MG15CD, additional reverb worth the extra WE DISLIKED: Same as MG15CD, reverb decay is a little short stompboxes. Each effect is well chosen, with just enough range, and there’s none of the grainy quality you’d normally expect in a budget amp. The digital reverb is a nice medium hall type, which will complement almost any sound, the delay is just long enough to do phrase-on-phrase harmony stuff, and both chorus and flange effects are both good examples. The FDD (Frequency Dependent Damping) switch, common to all three, makes a huge difference. There’s a bouncy dynamic feel to everything which disappears when switched out. Line out and headphones sockets feature Marshall’s loudspeaker emulation circuit, which is one of the best you’ll hear - virtually no EQ is needed when you plug into a desk to record. And the line out also functions as an input for a tape or CD, so you can jam with your favourite bands. Verdict All three amps are so sharply priced it’s difficult to find any fault. We can only wonder what the competition will make of them. Forty years ago, amps like these only existed in our wildest dreams. Today, Marshall are making it easier than ever for young players to get great sounds with minimum fuss. Today’s beginners are tomorrow’s guitar heroes, and as long as there are amps like this to inspire people, the electric guitar’s future is assured. IB Marshall MG15CD, MG15CDR & MG15DFX Guitarist RATING ★ ★★★ 88 Guitarist November 2002...

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