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Instructions Vox, Modèle TB35C1

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2. Volume control This controls the preamp volume/gain. It can be used in conjunction with the ‘Master Volume’ control to create the perfect balance between pre/power amp distortion and overall output level. Turn clockwise for more gain. 3. Treble Control This controls the high frequencies in your sound—from soft and smooth when turned down (counter clockwise) to bright and cutting when cranked (clockwise) and all points in-between. 4. Macho Switch The Macho switch is a footswitchable mid/gain boost. This specially voiced mod is ideal for players wanting to boost their solos or leads and removes the need for additional pedals to do so. You can also leave this switch permanently activated dramatically changing the sound of your amp and allowing you to take your search for tone even further! (The panel switch must be activated for the footswitch to work) 5. Mid Control This controls the mid frequencies in your sound. Turn anti clockwise for a scooped spacious sound or turn clockwise for a more focused and full bodied tone. 6. Bass Boost This switch reconfi gures the tone stack for added low end to enhance your sound even further. Perfect for warm clean sounds. 7. 7. This controls the low frequencies in your sound—from thin and light when turned down (counter clockwise) to warm and heavy when turned up full (clockwise) and all points in-between. 8. Reverb This allows you to control the level of the reverb from a subtle shimmer to luscious ‘surf’ style waves of sound. This control is very sensitive and was designed this way so any amount of reverb can be obtained without having to push the preamp hard. 9. Master Volume Control This controls the overall volume of your amplifier. Use in conjunction with the volume control to find the perfect balance between pre/power amp distortion and output volume. 10. MV/BYPASS switch This switch allows you to remove the ‘Master Volume’ control completely out of the circuit, purifying the signal path for ultimate tonal clarity. 11. Standby Switch This switch controls the amplifiers HT supply. After turning on the Power Switch (see below), leave the amplifier in ‘Standby’ mode for a couple of minutes before switching to ‘ON’. 12. Power Switch This is the ON/OFF switch for the power to the amplifier. Please ensure the amplifier is switched off and unplugged before being moved. Rear Panel 1. Output jacks This is where you can hook up an extension or external speaker cabinet(s) if desired. EXTENSION SP: This speaker jack runs parallel with the internal speakers which are wired for 16 Ohms. The extension cabinet must be 16 Ohms. EXTERNAL SP: This speaker jack will mute (disconnect) the internal speakers and you can hook up either a 16 Ohm or 8 Ohm cabinet. 12 Be sure to set the Output Select switch accordingly. NOTE! Hooking up a cabinet through the External jack will mute (disconnect) the internal speakers! WARNING! To ensure that your system works correctly, you must observe the following points. a) Don’t use an extension cabinet whose impedance is other than 16 ohms. b) Don’t connect a speaker whose rated input capacity is less than 35 Watts. The speaker may be destroyed if you ignore this caution—not recommended! c) You must use a speaker cable to connect an external speaker. Don’t use a shielded cable like the one you use to connect a guitar to an amp. d) You must turn off the power before connecting the cable. Connecting the cable while the power is turned on may damage your amp. NOTE! It is recommended that all audio cables, with the exception of the speaker lead, used to connect to the TB35C1 & TB35C2 of a high quality, screened type. These should not exceed 10 metres in length. Always use a non-screened VOX approved speaker lead with the TB35C1 & TB35C2 Amplifier and extension cabinets. 2. 2. 16 OHMS: Combos allow for the following confi gurations; • Set it to this if you use the internal speakers only. • Set it to this if you connect an external 16 Ohm speaker cabinet through the External jack. 8 OHMS: Combos allow for the following confi gurations; • Set it to this if you connect an extension cabinet through the Extension jack. You’ll be running the internal and external speakers in parallel. The impedance of the extension cabinet must be 16 Ohms. • Set it to this if you connect an external 8 ohm speaker cabinet through the External jack. 3. FOOTSWITCH jack This is where you connect the included (VFS1) footswitch so you can switch in and out of ‘macho’ mode. 4. MAINS INPUT connector This is where the supplied, detachable Mains (power) cord is connected. NOTE! Use only the power cable that is included with the TB35C1/ 34 TB35C2. Using another power cable may cause malfunctions. The specific mains input voltage rating that your amplifier needs to run at is located on the rear panel of your amplifier. Before making any connections or powering up the amplifier, make sure the correct voltage is set. If you have any doubt, refer to your local VOX dealer. Specifi cation TB35C1 ...

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