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Instructions Sony, Modèle CMT-DF1

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Facilité d'utilisation

Refer to the operating instructions provided with the connected component. 4 Press H (or NX on the unit) to start playing. Notes • You cannot make a digital recording in the following cases. – Copy guarded DVDs – DVD Dolby Digital or DTS bit stream output – CD-Rs/CD-RWs recorded in music CD format • You cannot make a recording when “SPDIF Output” under “SPDIF Setup” in “Audio Setup Page” is set to “SPDIF Off.” 36GB Troubleshooting Problems and remedies Should you encounter a problem with your system, do the following: 1 Make sure the power cord and speaker cords are correctly and firmly connected. 2 Find your problem in the troubleshooting checklist below and take the indicated corrective action. If the problem persists after doing all of the above, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Note that if service personnel changes some parts during repair, these parts may be retained. General There is no sound. • Press VOLUME +. • Make sure the headphones are not connected. • Check the speaker connections (page 7). • The system is in pause mode or in slow-motion play mode. Press H (or NX on the unit) to return to Normal Play. • Set “SPDIF Output” under “SPDIF Setup” in “Audio Setup Page” to other than “SPDIF Off.” There is severe hum or noise. • Move the system away from the source of noise. • Connect the system to a different wall outlet. • Install a noise filter (commercially available) to the power cord. The remote does not function. • Remove the obstacle. • Move the remote closer to the system. • Point the remote at the system’s sensor. • Replace the batteries (R6/size AA). • Locate the system away from the fluorescent light. There is acoustic feedback. • Reduce the volume. • Move the microphone away from the speakers or change the direction of the microphone. The color irregularity on a TV screen persists. • Turn off the TV set once, then turn it on after 15 to 30 minutes. If the color irregularity still persists, place the speakers farther away from the TV set. Speakers Sound comes from one channel or unbalanced left and right volume. • Check the speaker connection and speaker placement. • The source being played back is monaural. Sound lacks bass. • Check that the speaker cords are connected correctly. DVD/VIDEO CD/CD/MP3/JPEG/ DivX player Play does not start. • Open the disc compartment and check whether a disc is loaded. • Wipe the disc clean (page 43). • Replace the disc. • Place the disc that this system can play (page 4). • Place the disc correctly. • Place the disc in the tray with the label side up. • Remove the disc and wipe away the moisture on the disc, then leave the system turned on for a few hours until the moisture evaporates. • Press H (or NX on the unit) to start play. • The region code on the DVD does not match the system. Troubleshooting continued 37GB The sound skips. • Wipe the disc clean (page 43). • Replace the disc. • Try moving the system to a place without vibration (e.g., on top of a stable stand). • Try moving the speakers away from the system, or placing them on separate stands. When you listen to a track with bass sounds at high volume, the speaker vibration may cause the sound to skip. Play does not start from the first track. • Cancel Random Play. • Resume Play has been selected. Press x in stop mode, then start playback (page 12). • The title, DVD or PBC menu automatically appears on the TV screen. Playback starts automatically. • The DVD features an auto playback function. Playback stops automatically. • Some discs may contain an auto pause signal. While playing such a disc, the playback stops at the auto pause signal. You cannot perform some functions such as Stop, Search, Slow-motion Play, Repeat Play, Random Play. • Depending on the disc, you may not be able to do some of the operations above. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the disc. DATA CD or DATA DVD takes a longer time to start playback. • After the system reads all the files on the disc, playback may take more time than usual if: – the number of folders or files on the disc is very large. – the folder and file organization structure is very complex. MP3 file cannot be played back. • Recording was not performed according to the ISO9660 Level 1 or Level 2 format, or Joliet in the expansion format. • The MP3 file does not have the extension “.MP3”. • The data is not stored in MP3 format. • Playback is possible up to 16 levels. • The disc contains more than 255 folders. • The disc contains more than 999 MP3 files. • The folder contains more than 640 MP3 files. The JPEG file cannot be played. • The data CD is not recorded in JPEG format that conforms to ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2 or Joliet. • The JPEG file does not have the extension “.JPG” or “.JPEG”. • The data is not formatted in JPEG even though it has the extension “.JPG” or “.JPEG”. • Playback is possible up to 16 levels. • The disc contains more than 255 folders. • The disc contains more than 999 JPEG files. • The folder contains more than 640 JPEG fil...

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