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Instructions Sony, Modèle MHC-RG490S

Fabricant : Sony
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Facilité d'utilisation

3 Start playback. Press . (or .. on the unit) .. 4 Adjust the volume. Press VOLUME +/– (or turn the VOLUME control on the unit) .. Other operation To Press Pause playback . (or .. on the unit) .. To resume play, press the button again. Stop playback . .. Select a folder on an MP3 disc +/– .. Select a track or file ./. (or turn the MULTI JOG dial on the unit) .. Find a point in a track or file (except for CD- G discs) Hold down ./. . during playback, and release the button at the desired point. Select Repeat Play REPEAT . repeatedly until “REP” or “REP1” appears. Select a disc DISC SKIP (or DISC 1 – 3 on the unit) . in stop mode. Switch to CD function from other function DISC 1 – 3 . on the unit (Automatic Source Selection). Exchange other discs while playing EX-CHANGE . on the unit. To change the play mode Press PLAY MODE . repeatedly while the player is stopped. You can select normal play (“ALL DISCS” for all discs or “1 DISC” for a disc or “*” for all MP3 files in the folder on the disc), shuffle play (“ALL DISCS SHUF” or “1 DISC SHUF” or “ SHUF*”), or program play (“PGM”). * When playing a CD-DA disc, (SHUF) Play performs the same operation as 1 DISC (SHUF) Play. Continued . 12GB Notes on Repeat Play • All tracks or files on a disc are played repeatedly up to five times. • You cannot select “REP” and “ALL DISCS SHUF” at the same time. • “REP1” indicates that a single track or file is repeated until you stop it. Notes on playing MP3 discs • Do not save other types of files or unnecessary folders on a disc that has MP3 files. • Folders that have no MP3 files are skipped. • MP3 files are played back in the order that they are recorded onto the disc. • The system can only play MP3 files that have a file extension of “.MP3”. • If there are files on the disc that have the “.MP3” file extension, but that are not MP3 files, the unit may produce noise or may malfunction. • The maximum number of: – folders is 150 (including the root folder). – MP3 files is 255. – MP3 files and folders that can be contained on a single disc is 300. – folder levels (the tree structure of files) is 8. • Compatibility with all MP3 encoding/writing software, recording device, and recording media cannot be guaranteed. Incompatible MP3 discs may produce noise or interrupted audio or may not play at all. Notes on playing multisession discs • If the disc begins with a CD-DA (or MP3) session, it is recognized as a CD-DA (or MP3) disc, and playback continues until another session is encountered. • A disc with a mixed CD format is recognized as a CD- DA (audio) disc. Notes on the Mexican model • You cannot select the graphic channels of CD-Gs or display CD-G images with fading effects. • Some functions of the unit, when used during CD-G disc playback, may cause image distortion in the video output . Listening to the radio 1 Select “FM” or “AM.” Press TUNER/BAND . repeatedly. 2 Select the tuning mode. Press TUNING MODE . repeatedly until “AUTO” appears. 3 Tune in the desired station. Press +/– (or TUNING +/– on the unit) .. Scanning stops automatically when a station is tuned in, and then “TUNED” and “STEREO” (for stereo programs) appear. When you tune in a station that provides RDS services, the station name appears on the display (European model only). 4 Adjust the volume. Press VOLUME +/– (or turn the VOLUME control on the unit) .. To stop automatic scanning Press . .. To tune in a station with a weak signal If “TUNED” does not appear and the scanning does not stop, press TUNING MODE . repeatedly until “AUTO” and “PRESET” disappear, and then press +/– (or TUNING +/– on the unit) . repeatedly to tune in the desired station. To reduce static noise on a weak FM stereo station Press FM MODE . repeatedly until “MONO” appears to turn off stereo reception. Playing a tape 1 Select a tape deck. Press TAPE (or TAPE A/B on the unit) . repeatedly. 2 Insert a tape. Press PUSH . . on the unit, and insert the TYPE I (normal) tape into the cassette holder with the side you want to play facing forward. Make sure there is no slack in the tape to avoid damaging the tape or the tape deck. Press PUSH . . on the unit again to close the cassette holder. 3 Start playback. Press . (or .. on the unit) .. Do not eject the tape during playback or recording, as this may cause irreparable damage to the tape and cassette holder. 4 Adjust the volume. Press VOLUME +/– (or turn the VOLUME control on the unit) .. Other operation To Press Pause playback . (or .. on the unit) .. To resume play, press the button again. Stop playback . .. Rewind or fast forward ./. .. Select Relay Play* PLAY MODE . repeatedly until “RELAY” appears. * After the playback of the front side of deck A, deck B plays the front side, and then stops. Changing the display To Press Change the illumination pattern around the VOLUME control .1) ILLUMINATION . on the unit repeatedly. Change information on the display2) DISPLAY . repeatedly when the system is turned on. Change Display mode (See below.) DISPLAY...

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