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Instructions Sony, Modèle MHC-GX470

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Make sure there is no slack in the tape to avoid damaging the tape or the tape deck. Press PUSH . . on the unit again to close the cassette holder. 3 Start playback. Press . (or .. on the unit) .. Do not eject the tape during playback or recording, as this may cause irreparable damage to the tape and cassette holder. 4 Adjust the volume. Press VOLUME +/– (or turn the VOLUME control on the unit) .. Other operation To Press Pause playback . (or .. on the unit) .. To resume play, press the button again. Stop playback . .. Rewind or fast forward ./. .. Select Relay Play* PLAY MODE . repeatedly until “RELAY” appears. * After the playback of the front side of deck A, deck B plays the front side, and then stops. Changing the display To Press Change the illumination pattern around the VOLUME control .1) ILLUMINATION . on the unit repeatedly. Change information on the display2) DISPLAY . repeatedly when the system is turned on. Change Display mode (See below.) DISPLAY . repeatedly when the system is turned off. 1) Except for North American model 2) For example, you can view CD/CD-G/MP3 disc information, such as the track or file number or folder name during normal play, or the total playing time while the player is stopped. The system offers the following display modes. Display mode When the system is off1), Demonstration The clock display is replaced by lighting and flashing of the display window. Clock The clock is displayed. Power Saving Mode2) The display is turned off to conserve power. The timer and clock continue to operate. 1) The STANDBY indicator . on the unit lights up when the system is off. 2) When the system is in Power Saving Mode, the following functions are unavailable: – setting the clock. – changing the AM tuning interval (except for European, Russian, and Saudi Arabian models). – turning on the system by pressing the function buttons (for example, CD .). – changing the CD power manage function. – resetting the system to factory settings. Notes on the display information • The following are not displayed; – total playing time for a CD-DA disc depending on the play mode. – total playing time for an MP3 disc. – remaining playing time for an MP3 file. • The following are not displayed correctly; – elapsed playing time of an MP3 file encoded using a VBR (variable bit rate). – folder and file names that do not follow either the ISO9660 Level 1, Level 2 or Joliet in the expansion format. • The following are displayed; – ID3 tag information for MP3 files when ID3 version 1 and version 2 tags are used. (The Russian model can display information in Russian characters, but the characters may not be displayed correctly for discs created with some encoding/writing software and some recording device.) – up to 30 characters of ID3 tag information using uppercase letters (A to Z), numbers (0 to 9), and symbols (. $ % ’ ( ) * , – . / < = > @ [ \ ] _ ` { | } ! ? ^). 16GB Other Operations Creating your own CD program (Program Play) Use buttons on the remote to create your own program. 1 Press CD . to select the CD function. 2 Press PLAY MODE . repeatedly until “PGM” appears while the player is stopped. 3 Press DISC SKIP . repeatedly to select a disc. 4 Press ./. . repeatedly until the desired track number appears. When programming MP3 files, press +/– . repeatedly to select the desired folder, and then select the desired file. Disc tray numberSelected track or file numberTotal playing time of program (including selected track or file) 5 Press ENTER . to add the track or file to the program. “– –.– –” appears when the total program time exceeds 100 minutes for a CD, or when you select an MP3 file. 6 Repeat steps 3 through 5 to program additional tracks or files, up to a total of 25 tracks or files. 7 To play your program of tracks or files, press . .. The program remains available until you open the disc tray. To play the same program again, press . .. To cancel Program Play Press PLAY MODE . repeatedly until “PGM” disappears while the player is stopped. To delete the last track or file of the program Press CLEAR . while the player is stopped. To view the program information, such as total playing time and the number of tracks Press DISPLAY . repeatedly while the player is stopped. Other 17GB Presetting radio stations You can preset your favorite radio stations and tune them in instantly by selecting the corresponding preset number. Use buttons on the remote to preset stations. 1 Tune in the desired station (see “Listening to the radio” (page 12)). 2 Press TUNER MEMORY .. Preset number 3 Press +/– . repeatedly to select your desired preset number. If another station is already assigned to the selected preset number, the station is replaced by the new stations. 4 Press ENTER .. 5 Repeat steps 1 through 4 to store other stations. You can preset up to 20 FM and 10 AM stations. The preset stations are retained for about half a day even if you disconnect the power cord or if a power failure occurs. 6 To call up a preset ...

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