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Instructions Caravell, Modèle Slimline SLC 168

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Place the freezer so that there is unrestricted air circulation around the freezer, i.e. there is at least 100 mm free space around all sides. Never place the freezer in direct sunlight. The freezer should be set up on a level surface and should not be distorted in any way. If the freezer has been stored or transported cold, do not attempt to start it until the compressor has reached a temperature of at least +5°C. It is recommended that you wash the freezer before starting it (see Section 6 Maintenance). If the manufacturer’s plate on the freezer indicates that the freezer is Class 04, the freezer should not be placed in an ambient temperature of more than +30°C. Class 4+ freezers can handle an ambient temperature of +35°C, while Class 05 can cope with ambient temperatures of up to +40°C. 2 Electrical connection The appliance complies with EU requirements concerning radio noise suppression in accordance with Directive 82/499/EEC. The freezer should be connected to a socket rated at the correct voltage and frequency for the freezer. This is specified on the manufacturer’s plate on the back of the freezer. The normal voltage for Europe is 230V/50Hz. Voltage variations of ±10% are acceptable. The freezer may be damaged if the voltage variations exceed this level. The factory guarantee will be void in such cases. Your local dealer will be able to advise you in the event of extreme over/undervoltage variations. This freezer must be given additional protection in accordance with the relevant power current regulations. This also applies even in the case of the replacement of an existing freezer which has not been given additional protection. The purpose of the additional protection is to protect the user from dangerous electric shocks in the event of a fault. 3 Use The temperature in the freezer is automatically controlled by the adjustable thermostat. Adjusting a mechanical thermostat: The thermostat is located on the back at the bottom of the freezer. To lower the temperature, the thermostat should be turned clockwise. The thermostat is preset at the factory so that the temperature in the warmest area of the freezer does not exceed -18°C. The temperature can be checked by placing a thermometer on the freezer’s load line. It will typically take about 12 hours before a change will be seen in the temperature. Adjusting an electronic thermostat: The electronic thermostat is located on the back at the bottom of the freezer and is fitted with a digital display which continuously shows the temperature in the freezer. Press SET for one second and the display will begin to flash. Using the up and down arrows, you will now be able to adjust the temperature as required. Once you have set the required temperature, press SET again for one second and the required temperature has now been programmed correctly. The freezer will now start to adjust to the set temperature. See also the enclosed “CAREL” instructions. The placement of the freezer, ambient temperature and the number and length of cover openings all have a major effect on the temperature in the freezer. The freezer must therefore not be placed in direct sunlight or up against surfaces that give off heat. See Fig. If your freezer is fitted with locks, the keys to the freezer should be kept out of the reach of children. If your new freezer is intended as a replacement for a life-expired freezer of an older type, before removing the old freezer you should remove the locking mechanism on it. 4 Storing food Always make sure that you place the products so that air can circulate freely and without restriction, as excessive temperature differences may otherwise occur between the top and bottom of the freezer. Only fill the freezer up to the load line. As the temperature in the freezer is very dependent on the conditions where the freezer is placed, it is unfortunately not possible to give an exact setting for the thermostat. It is recommended instead that you adjust the thermostat to suit your application. See Fig. 5 De-icing the cabinet Ice formation in the cabinet over time is a natural process, but when the ice reaches a thickness of about 5-8 mm, the cabinet should be de-iced. • Place the products from the freezer in a cold place or wrap them in insulating material. • The cabinet should be switched off at the socket. Caravell Slimline ENGLISH • Keep the cover open or remove the sliding covers and place them carefully on the floor. • Remove the ice layer using plastic or wooden implements (never use metal implements). • The de-icing process can also be speeded up by using bowls of hot water. • Never use pointed or sharp implements. • After de-icing, clean the cabinet as described under Section 6. Dry thoroughly after cleaning. 6 Maintenance Please note the following in connection with cleaning of the freezer: • Place the products from the freezer in a cold place or wrap them in insulating material. • The cabinet should be switched off at the socket. • Keep the cover open...

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