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Instructions MSI, Modèle Z87 MPOWER SP

Fabricant : MSI
Taille : 12.98 mb
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Langue d'enseignement: ruentrfrde
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English Important The I/O ports should be facingtoward the rear of the computercase. They should line up with theholes on the I/O backplate. • Install the motherboard on a flat surface free from unnecessary debris. • To prevent damage to the motherboard, any contact between the motherboard circuitry and the computer case, except for the mounting stands, is prohibited. • Please make sure there are no loose metal components on the motherboard or within the computer case that may cause a short circuit of the motherboard. En-14 Power Supply Video Demonstration Watch the video to learn how to install power supply connectors. JPWR1~3: ATX Power Connectors These connectors allow you to connect an ATX power supply. To connect the ATX power supply, align the power supply cable with the connector and firmly press the cable into the connector. If done correctly, the clip on the power cable should be English hooked on the motherboard’s power connector. 13.+3.3V1.+3.3V14.-12V2.+3.3V15.Ground3.Ground16.PS-ON# 4.+5V17.Ground5.Ground18.Ground6.+5V19.Ground7.Ground22.+5V10.+12V20.Res8.PWROK23.+5V11.+12V21.+5V9.5VSB24.Ground12.+3.3V7.+12V3.Ground5.+12V1.Ground8.+12V4.Ground6.+12V2.GroundJPWR2/ JPWR3 JPWR1 Important Make sure that all the power cables are securely connected to a proper ATX power supply to ensure stable operation of the motherboard. En-15 Expansion Slots This motherboard contains numerous slots for expansion cards, such as discrete graphics or audio cards. PCI_E1~E7: PCIe Expansion Slot The PCIe slot supports the PCIe interface expansion card. English PCIe 2.0 x1 Slot PCIe 3.0 x16 Slot Important When adding or removing expansion cards, always turn off the power supply and unplug the power supply power cable from the power outlet. Read the expansion card’s documentation to check for any necessary additional hardware or software changes. PCIe x16 Slots Bandwidth Table The table below shows the correlation between the PCIe slots bandwidth and multiple graphics cards. Slot Bandwidth Single 2-Way 3-Way PCI_E2 x16 x8 x8 PCI_E5 x8 x4 PCI_E7 x4 En-16 Video/ Graphics Cards If available, this motherboard takes advantage of the CPU’s integrate graphics processor, but discrete video cards can be installed by way of the motherboard’s expansion slots. Adding on one or more discrete video cards will significantly boost the system’s graphics performance. For best compatibility, MSI graphics cards are recommended. Video Demonstration Watch the video to learn how to install a graphics card on PCIe x16 slot with butterfly lock. Single Video Card Installation 1. Determine what type of expansion slot(s) the video card will use. Locate the expansion slot(s) on the motherboard. Remove any protective expansion slot covers from the computer case. 2. Line up the video card on top of the expansion slot(s) with the display ports facing out of the computer case. For a single video card installation, using the PCI_E2 slot is recommended. 3. Push the video card into its expansion slot(s). Depending on the expansion slot(s) used, there should be clip(s) on the expansion slot(s) that will lock in place. 4. If needed, screw the edge of the graphics card to the computer case. Some video cards might require a power cable directly from the power supply. 5. Please consult your video card’s manual for further instructions regarding driver installation or other special settings. English En-17 Internal Connectors SATA1~8: SATA Connector This connector is a high-speed SATA interface port. Each connector can connect to one SATA device. SATA devices include disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD), and optical drives (CD/ DVD/ Blu-Ray). English Video Demonstration Watch the video to learn how to Install SATA HDD. SATA2 SATA1 SATA4 SATA3 SATA8 SATA7 SATA6 SATA5 SATA1~6 (6Gb/s, by Intel ® Z87) SATA7~8 (6Gb/s, by ASMedia ® ASM1061) Important • The SATA6 port will be unavailable when install a SSD in the mSATA port. • Many SATA devices also need a power cable from the power supply. Such devices include disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD), and optical drives (CD / DVD / Blu-Ray). Please refer to the device’s manual for further information. • Many computer cases also require that large SATA devices, such as HDDs, SSDs, and optical drives, be screwed down into the case. Refer to the manual that came with your computer case or your SATA device for further installation instructions. • Please do not fold the SATA cable at a 90-degree angle. Data loss may result during transmission otherwise. • SATA cables have identical plugs on either sides of the cable. However, it is recommended that the flat connector be connected to the motherboard for space saving purposes. En-18 CPUFAN1~2,SYSFAN1~3: Fan Power Connectors The fan power connectors support system cooling fans with +12V. If the motherboard has a System Hardware Monitor chipset on-board, you must use a specially design...

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