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Instructions Panasonic, Modèle CQ-VX777EUC

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Yokohama, Japan MANUFACTURED Model No. № De Modèle CQ-VX777EUC -i«- ■=d f 12V 4Q 3 • 10A Manufactured by Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. Yokohama Japan Made in Japan CQ-VX777EUC DISPLAY: GENERAL (CO button) (CD/MD changer button) (Tape button) 0 (DIMMER button) ■»* iiliiii II!!! Hi!! 1 :::: s Mode operation indicator Displays spectrum analyzer, equalizer and other operations. ШИ Ш38 /^ THRUSUfrW *, SPACE DRCII V POSllEQlQn] = MONO LOCAL ATT indicator Flashes when ATT is turned on. DRC II indicator Lights when DRC II (Dynamic Road Noise Control) is turned on. EQ indicator Lights to indicate equalizer adjustment. SPACE indicator Indicates the selection of one sound field effect or another. POSI indicator Lights when the short position is selected. CQ-VX777EUC 7 1 OPERATION: GENERAL Starting Operation/Power ® Turn the ACC switch of your car to ON. (D When any ofT (TUNER), (CD), Ш(СН.С), Ш (TAPE),or© (DIMMER) is pressed, your Panasonic set is switched on. Note: When you are using your Panasonic set for the first time, the demonstration mode pattern is displayed. The display may remain unchanged when the above buttons are pressed. In such a case, j)ress DISP to release demonstration mode._ (3) When OFF is pressed, your Panasonic set is switched off to return to clock display mode. (See page 41 when clock display is selected.) The clock display goes out when OFF is pressed again. Volume Control Use the Aand V buttons to adjust the volume. The volume increases when the A button is pressed. The volume decreases when the V button is pressed. 0 " 40 Note : The volume can be adjusted independently in each operation mode. ATT When ATT is pressed, the volume decreases instaneously to about 1/10 of the present level. PatT1 To restore to the preceding level, press ATT again. CQ-VX777EUC Switching Space (Sound Field Effect) Mode Sound field effects change as shown below each time SPACE is pressed. LIVE HOUSE - CONCERT HALL — JAZZ CLUB t i SPACE OFF — CINEMA — VOCAL <- DISCO — STADIUM (It is also possible to widen or narrow the sound field.) (See page 11.) Switching Spectrum Analyzer 16 patterns, including that of demonstration mode, are displayed by turn each time DISP is pressed. If you wish to select demonstration mode, press DISP. Switching Dimmer Dimmer level changes in the following order each time (0) (DIMMER) is pressed. DIMMER High — DIMMER Mid — DIMMER Low t_I The dimmer can also be adjusted by turning on or off the lights of the car. Initial settings are: ON-*Mid OFF—High The illumination can also be turned by means of the lights of the car. I OPERATION: GENERAL H Equalizer Display (Continued) HEQ (Human equalizer) GEQ (Graphic equalizer) Display of Settings HEQ : Set state is displayed. GEQ : Set frequency is displayed. (Preset channels are displayed if they are set in the memory.) □□B v_ Cursor HEQ : The HEQ set position is displayed in the left half and the equalizer characteristics are displayed in the right half. GEQ : The equalizer characteristics are dis-v_played on the screen._ Equalizer Operation Never adjust tone setting while driving. This is important for safety. 10 CQ-VX777EUC Tone Quality Adjustment Tone quantity changes as shown below each time SELECT is pressed. Normal mode (VOL) -»■ HEQ -* GEQ -* BAL/FAD Î i Preout DRCII *- SBC/SBC-SW «- Position HEQ Setting © Press SELECT to select HEQ. The EQ indicator flashes. CD Press ■ or to select the desired tone quality, With the center fixed flat, any of the 49 equalizer patterns, arranged in vertical and horizontal directions, can be selected. Center : HEQ flat • ■ : Press to choose heavy bass sound (steps 1 to 3). • o- : Press to choose light bass sound (steps 1 to 3). • ; Press to choose sharp treble sound (steps 1 to 3), • \« ; press to choose soft treble sound (steps 1 to 3). (D Press SPACE to select a desired sound field effect. (D 1. Press 1 to narrow the sound field (steps 1 to 3). 2. Press 2 to widen the sound field (steps 1 to 3). - If WIDE is set after selecting HALL by pressing SPACE, the space effect of a larger hall can be obtained. If NARROW is set, the space effect of a smaller hall is produced. You will be able to create a pleasing sound space by selecting a HEQ pattern to suit your preference as described on page 13. v ___) CQ-VX777EUC OPERATION: GENERAL (Continued) HEQ Adjustment Table The cursor flashes at the present HEQ mode position. fiiiïïâl ~ —-^7 : 3= Hr 5H SS ’ EQ Result Display (7 bands x ±5 dB) The equalizer curve corresponding to the cursor position is displayed. The maximum level is ±5 dB. - Different from GEQ which is for adjusting the tone quality of each frequency band, HEQ is a revolutionary equalizer which permits selection of your desired tone quality: heavy, light, sharp, or soft. The space function enables you to adjust the space of your car to create a sound field better...

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