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Instructions Bosch, Modèle S1RKM09002/00

Fabricant : Bosch
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It contains important information, not only concerning use, but maintenance and personal safety as well. o Keep this instructions book. It may be useful for later owners. o Do not turn a damaged appliance on. o Your appliance must be assembled and connected in accordance with the assembly instructions and current regulations. If these instructions are not observed, you run the risk of losing your warranty. o All our appliances are made in accordance with present-day safety regulations. Only technicians instructed in these matters are authorised to repair them. Your safety is at stake. o Make sure that the drainage plugs are properly inserted. They may have come lose during transportation Your new appliance Description of your appliance 18 Main filter Air-conditioning appliance Purifying filters Diffusion duct Suction pad Hot-air expulsion duct Air-intake grille Drainage pipe Wire cavity Nozzle to connect drainage pipe to internal tank Nozzle and stopcock for dehumidification drainage pipe Rear hook for hot-air expulsion duct Characteristics plate Control panel Thermostat Control knob Appliance off Maximum temperature control Silent temperature control Dehumidification Safety pilot light Silent air purification Maximum air purification Requirements for Use Requirements for use o This appliance must be connected to a 220/240 V 50 Hz mains electricity supply using an earthed plug. o It must be protected with a 10 A slow-action fuse. o Should an extension lead be needed, this lead must be at least 1,5 mm2 per terminal thick, no more than 25 m. long and earthed. o There is a cavity at the back of the appliance for the mains electricity supply connection wire. o Do not allow water to enter the appliance. o Do not block the air inlets or outlets on your appliance, especially when used for heating. Should the mains electricity supply wire be damaged in any way, it must only be replaced with a wire of similar characteristics. Get in touch with the manufacturer, after-sales service or similarly qualified person. Warning! If the appliance is turned off and then turned back on again, there is a 3-minute interval before the compressor starts up again. This interval is necessary in order for the appliance to work properly. Transportation requirements There are castors fitted on your appliance to make moving it easier. If it is necessary to tilt your appliance in order to move it, then the internal water tank must be drained first. To do this, connect drainage pipe to stopcock at the bottom of the appliance. Warning! Be particularly careful when transporting this unit. There is a water drainage pipe on the bottom of the appliance which may break if knocked. 21 Temperature control o Plug your appliance in. o Lead the hot-air expulsion duct outdoors. o Set to maximum or silent temperature control. o Turn the drainage stopcock to the cooling position. o Set the thermostat to the desired temperature. Should the appliance turn itself off by thermostat, it will not c...

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