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Instructions LG, Modèle CB09L

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 16.7 mb
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Do not block the inlet or outlet of air flow. • It may cause product failure. Do not step on or put anyting on the product. (outdoor units) • There is risk of personal injury and failure of product. Do not drink the water drained from the product. • It is not sanitary and could cause serious health issues. Do not recharge or disassemble the batteries. Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. • They may burn or explode. If the liquid from the batteries gets onto your skin If you eat the liquid from the batteries, brush your or clothes, wash it well with clean water. Do not teeth and see doctor. Do not use the remote if the use the remote if the batteries have leaked. batteries have leaked. • The chemicals in batteries could cause burns or • The chemicals in batteries could cause burns or other health hazards. other health hazards. Owner.s Manual 5 Prior to Operation Prior to Operation Preparing for operation 1. Contact an installation specialist for installation. 2. Use a dedicated circuit. Usage 1. Being exposed to direct airflow for an extended period of time could be hazardous to your health. Do not expose occupants, pets, or plants to direct airflow for extended periods of time. 2. Due to the possibility of oxygen deficiency, ventilate the room when used together with stoves or other heating devices. 3. Do not use this air conditioner for non-specified special purposes (e.g. preserving precision devices, food, pets, plants, and art objects). Such usage could damage the items. Cleaning and maintenance 1. Do not touch the metal parts of the unit when removing the filter. Injuries can occur when handling sharp metal edges. 2. Do not use water to clean inside the air conditioner. Exposure to water can destroy the insulation, leading to possible electric shock. 3. When cleaning the unit, first make sure that the power and breaker are turned off. The fan rotates at a very high speed during operation. There is a possibility of injury if the unit.s power is accidentally triggered on while cleaning inner parts of the unit. Service For repair and maintenance, contact your authorized service dealer. 6 Indoor Unit Owner.s Manual 7 ENGLISH Product Introduction Product Introduction 1: Indoor unit 2: Outdoor unit 3: Remote controller 4: Inlet air 5: Discharge air 6: Refrigerant piping, connection electric wire 7: Drain pipe 8: Ground wire wire to ground outdoor unit to prevent electrical shocks. If your installation has a customized control system, ask your LG dealer for the operation that corresponds to your system. 1: Unit with remote controller 2: Unit without remote controller (when used as simultaneous operation) Air intake vents Remote Controller 3 4 5 1 Air outlet vents 2 8 6 7 Pair system or Simultaneous operation system Multi system Name and function of parts What to do before operation Product Introduction 8 Indoor Unit Wired Remote Controller h Display temperature can be different from actual room temperature if the remote controller is installed at the place where sun-rays are falling directly or the place nearby heat source. h The actual product can be different from above contents depending upon model type. h When using simultaneous operation system, whenever press remote controller button, system will approximately operate after 1~2 minutes. NOTE OPERATION INDICATION SCREEN SET TEMPERATURE BUTTON FAN SPEED BUTTON ON/OFF BUTTON OPRATION MODE SELECTION BUTTON WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLER RECEIVER • Some products don't receive the wireless signals. AIR FLOW BUTTON SUBFUNCTION BUTTON FUNCTION SETTING BUTTON VENTILATION BUTTON RESERVATION UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT BUTTON • To check the indoor temperature, press button. ROOM TEMPERATURE BUTTON SETTING/CANCEL BUTTON EXIT BUTTON 1 4 5 7 11 10 9 8 2 3 13 6 12 Please attach the inform label inside of the door. Please choose proper language depend on your country. 14 15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 j Some functions may not be operated and displayed depending on the product type. Product Introduction Wireless Remote Controller (Accessory) This air-conditioner is equipped with wired remote controller basically. But if you want to be available with wireless remote controller, you pay for it. ENGLISH PQWRHDF0 CAUTION • Aim at the signal receiver on the wired remote controller so as to operate. • The remote control signal can be received at a distance of up to about 7m. • Be sure that there are no obstructions between the remote controller and the signal receptor. • Do not drop or throw the remote controller. • Do not place the remote controller in a location exposed to direct sunlight, or near the heating unit, or any other heat source. • Block a strong light over the signal receptor with a curtain or etc. so as to prevent the abnormal operation. (ex:electronic quick start, ELBA, inverter type fluorescent lamp) NOTE h For more details refer to the Wireless Remote Control Accessory manual. h The actual product can be different from above contents depending upon model type. ...

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