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Instructions Bernina, Modèle V6

Fabricant : Bernina
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• Right click on Show Hoop. • Make sure Display Hoops is checked and select artista 400 x 150 Mega—Auto Split Machines. Draw the rectangles • Select C42 from the Color Bar. • Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle by clicking in the upper left hand corner and dragging to the lower right hand corner. • Press Escape. • Select the rectangle and open Object Properties. Click on the General tab. Make sure Proportional Scaling is turned off. • Change the width of the rectangle to 70 mm and the height to 85 mm. Click OK. • Quick Clone (right click and drag on the object) to make a copy of the rectangle. Move the copy in a below the first rectangle. • Clone the second rectangle; position below the second object. • Select File/Save As. • Navigate to the folder in which the file will be stores. Name the file Carving Stamps. Click Save. Using an Object for a Stamp • Select File/Insert Design. • Navigate to My Computer/C: My Designs Embroidery Software 6. Select the Animal folder. Open the folder. • Select FB 253-48. Open the file. • Decrease the size of the dragonfly by clicking and dragging on one of the corner black sizing handles. Move it away from the rectangles. Note: Decrease th object so that it will fit within the rectangle, or use the stamp so that only part of the object stamps the back ground. • Open the Carving Stamp dialog box. • Click on the Use Object Tab. • Click on the Start Selecting button and use one of the selection tools to select the dragonfly. The dragonfly will appear in the Use Object window. Press Esc. • Select one of the rectangles. Click on Use Stamp—the outline of the stamp is visible. Notes: Carving stamp defines a pattern of needle penetrations in a fill. There are three different ways to stamp— use a design, use a built-in stamp, or create a custom stamp. Any of the selection tools be used to select the object that will be used as a stamp. Select part of the object by drawing the bounding box around part of the design or by using Polygon Select (remember to first ungroup). Add stamps to selected background objects or choose to not pre-select an object and add the stamp to other objects. Follow the prompts on the lower left corner of the screen for information on setting the stamps. 2009 BERNINA® of America, Inc DL Page 1 of 3 • Click on one of the rectangles at the point where the stamp will be places and move the cursor to rotate the dragonfly as desired. Click a second time to set the stamp. Press Esc to deactivate the stamp. • Click on the inserted dragonfly design, Delete. Changing the background + stamp appearance properties • Select the rectangle. Open Object Properties. • Click on the Fill Stitch Tab. Select Step Stitch 6; click Apply. • Click on the Stitch Angle Tab and change the stitch angle to 0.° • Click OK to activate the changes and close the dialog box. • Click on the Appearance tab of the Carving Stamp dialog box and select Softened Stamp. Using a pattern for a stamp • Select the Use Pattern tab from the Carving stamp dialog box. • From the Set selection drop down menu choose Carving Stamps. Scroll down to select Ring Ellipse.. • Select the ellipse. Notice that it now appears in the window. • Select another rectangle. • Click Use Stamp. • To set the stamps, click on the base fill and rotate the cursor to rotate the stamp as desired; click again to set the stamp at that angle. . To increase the size of the stamp, hold the shift key down, and drag the cursor away from the first click and click again once the stamp reaches the desired size. . To decrease the size of the stamp, hold the shift key down and drag the cursor toward the first click and click again once the stamp reaches the desired size. • Stamp the background fill as desired. Press Esc. • Select the background rectangle. Open Object Properties and select the Angle tab. Set the stitch angle to 90° and click on OK. • To remove stamps created, click, Clear All Stamps in the Appearance tab. Notes: The stamp will remain active for multiple uses until the Escape key is pressed. To save an object as a stamp for future use, it must be saved by adding it to the library. Vary the type of the background fill and the angle of the fill, for different effects. Carving stamps can be used with satin, step or fancy fills. They may also be used with satin outlines. product information and promotions! Visit... Find additional BERNINA projects , 2009 BERNINA® of America, Inc DL Page 2 of 3 Digitizing a pattern stamp • Click on the Digitizing tab of the Carving stamp dialog box. • Click on Start Digitizing button. • Digitize the shape needed on the workspace. . Use right clicks for curves. . Use left clicks to change directions or to draw a straight line. . Digitize the last point directly on top of the first digitized point to draw a closed shape. . Press enter twice to place the digitized shape within the digitized drawing box. Adding a stamp to the library • To add the digitized shape to the Carving St...

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