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Instructions DeLonghi, Modèle Coffee Maker ESAM4400

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7 REGULATING THE COFFEE MILL After making the first coffees, if you find that coffee delivery is either too fast or too slow (in drips), the grinding coarseness regulator can be adjusted (fig. 15). Turning it 1 click (1 number) clockwise speeds up coffee delivery (without drips). Turning it 1 click counterclockwise slows down delivery giving a creamier appearance to the coffee. These adjustments will only be evident after at least 2 cups of coffee have been brewed. The grinding coarseness regulator must only be turned when the coffee mill is on. Turn counterclockwise to obtain finer ground coffee, slower delivery and a creamier appearance. Turn clockwise for coarser ground coffee and faster delivery (not a drop at a time). (Coffee has been used to factory test the appliance and it is therefore completely normal for there to be traces of coffee in the mill. This appliance is however guaranteed to be new). 8 PREPARING ESPRESSO/COFFEE USING GROUND COFFEE (INSTEAD OF BEANS) •Press the button (fig. 16) to select the ground coffee function. This disables the coffee mill function. The appliance displays READY PRE-GROUND • Lift the central lid, place one level measure of ground coffee in the funnel (see fig. 17) and proceed as described in section 5. Note: You can make just one coffee at a time by pressing the , or button once only. NOTE 1: Never add the ground coffee when the appliance is off to avoid it being dispersed inside the appliance. NOTE 2: Never add more than one level measured scoop, otherwise either the appliance will not make the coffee, the ground coffee will be lost inside the appliance, dirtying it, or the coffee will run off in drips and the message "GROUND TOO FINE ADJUST GRINDER AND OPEN STEAM" will be displayed. NOTE 3: When measuring the quantity of coffee to be added, use the measuring scoop supplied only. NOTE 4: Use ground coffee for espresso coffee makers only. Do not use coffee beans, freeze-dried coffee or other materials that could damage the appliance. NOTE 5: If the funnel blocks due to moisture inside the appliance or if more than one measure of pre-ground coffee has been used, use a plastic knife to push the coffee down (Fig. 18), then remove and clean the infuser and appliance as described in section 11.2 "Cleaning the infuser". • Once the coffee has been delivered, to go back to making coffee using beans, deactivate the ground coffee function by pressing the button again (the light goes off and the coffee mill is enabled for operation again). 9 PRODUCING HOT WATER •Always make sure the appliance is ready. •Turn the cappuccino frother towards the outside of the appliance and place a container under it (fig. 2). •Press the (fig. 19). The appliance displays: READY HOT WATER •Turn the steam knob half a turn counterclockwise as far as it will go (fig. 3). Hot water runs from the cappuccino frother and starts to fill the container underneath. You should not run hot water for more than 2 minutes at a time. •To interrupt hot water delivery, turn the steam knob clockwise as far as it will go (fig. 4) and place the cappuccino frother in the original position near the center of the appliance. •To deactivate the hot water function, press the (fig. 19). 10 PREPARING CAPPUCCINOS (USING STEAM) • Move the cappuccino frother outwards (fig. 2). • Place an empty container under the cappuccino frother. Turn the steam knob a half turn counterclockwise as far as it will go (fig. 3). The appliance displays: STEAM Allow the steam mixed with water to run off for a few seconds until steam only is given off. •To interrupt steam delivery, rotate the knob clockwise as far as it will go (fig. 4). • Empty the container then fill it with about 3.5 oz of milk for each cappuccino to be prepared. In choosing the size of the container, bear in mind that the milk doubles or triples in volume. You are recommended to use skim or semi-skimmed milk at refrigerator temperature. • Dip the cappuccino frother into the pitcher containing the milk (fig. 2), taking care not to immerse the raised line on the cappuccino frother (indicated by the arrow in fig. 20). Turn the steam knob a half turn counterclockwise as far as it will go (beware of burns). Steam is discharged from the cappuccino frother, giving the milk a creamy frothy appearance. To obtain a creamier froth, dip the cappuccino frother into the milk and rotate the container with slow movements from the bottom upwards. (You should not discharge steam for more than two minutes at a time). •Once the required temperature is reached, interrupt steam delivery by rotating the knob clockwise as far as it will go (fig. 4). •Prepare the coffee as described previously, using large enough cups, then fill with the frothed milk prepared previously. The cappuccino is ready. Sweeten to taste and, if desired, sprinkle the froth with a little cocoa powder. IMPORTANT: always clean the cappuccino frother immediately after use. Proceed as follows: •Discharge a little steam for a few second...

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