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Instructions Briel, Modèle DOMUS ES161AMG-TB

Fabricant : Briel
Taille : 51.54 kb
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Langue d'enseignement: en
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a continuous steam production, features two heating elements and long channels Non-stop steaming Steam frother/cappuccino Constant 18 Bars pump pressure producing a savory espresso with perfect crema every time Electronic soft touch switch board Cups warmer with stainless steel grid Removable tray and stainless steel drip tray Aluminium filter holder Two Filters: one for pods and another for ground coffee Cremaker®™ filter 1.8 L removable water tank and easy water refill on machine top Water level indicator Measuring spoon included Coffee tamper included Master Carton: • 2 units UPC Codes: Model # ES161AC-TB ES161AMB-TB ES161AMR-TB ES161AMG-TB Color Stainless Steel Cobalt Blue Ferrari Red Charcoal Grey UPC 786818-300098 786818-300104 786818-300111 786818-300128 BRIEL NORTH AMERICA TEL: 770.509.3006 FAX: 770.509.8736 E-MAIL: BRIELSALES@SMITHAGY.NET...

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