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Instructions Saeco Coffee Makers, Modèle SUP032BR

Fabricant : Saeco Coffee Makers
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If this is not the case, the timers will have no effect on the machine’s operation. 1 \ 2 \ 3 Select by navigating the click wheel with your finger. It is possible to set: Press the 1 button to save. 32 “MONDAY” TIMER SETTING MENU>ener This and the following menus are used to set the turn on/off times for each day of the week. The procedure described below shows how to set the turn on/off times for “Monday”. To set the turn on/off times for the other days of the week, follow the same procedure after selecting the desired day. Set the turn on time by navigating the click wheel with your finger. Set the minutes by navigating the click wheel with your finger. Set the turn off time by navigating the click wheel with your finger. Set the minutes by navigating the click wheel with your finger. Press MENU to exit the programming of the selected day. > 000 11 You can set the turn on/off times for all the days of the week. Navigate the click wheel with your finger to select the other days you want to program. 33 SPECIAL FUNCTIONS This menu allows you to access special functions present on the machine. Press the MENU button to access and select “special function” and press the button. Navigate the click wheel with your finger to: I restore the basic machine operating parameters. RESTORE SETTINGS MENU > special function > reset settings The function for restoring all the factory settings is contained in this menu. This function is particularly important for restoring the basic parameters. ALL THE CUSTOM SETTINGS WILL BE LOST AND CANNOT BE RECOVERED. AFTER RESTORING FACTORY SETTINGS, YOU WILL NEED TO RE-PROGRAM ALL THE MACHINE FUNCTIONS, IF DESIRED. 1 2 3 Select by pressing the Press the button to reset. button. 000 The display shows the parameter reset confirmation. 000 All parameters have been restored. Exit programming mode 34 CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE GENERAL MACHINE CLEANING The cleaning described below must be performed once a week. Note: if water remains in the tank for several days, do not use it. WARNING! Never immerse the machine in water. If you remove grounds with the machine off or when not signaled on the display, the count of the grounds emptied into the drawer is not reset. For this reason the machine might display the “empty grounds” message even after preparing just a few coffees. Switch off the machine and unplug it. Clean the tank and the cover. Remove the drip tray, empty and wash it. Remove the grounds drawer. Empty and clean it. Vith the brush, clean the preground coffee compartment. Remove the outer sleeve of the steam spout; then re-insert it. Remove and wash the steam spout support; then re-insert it. Clean the display with a dry cloth. 35 CLEANING THE BREW GROUP I The Brew Group must be cleaned at least once a week. Wash the Brew Group with warm water. WARNING! Do not wash the Brew Group with detergents that can compromise its correct operation. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Open the service door and remove the coffee grounds drawer. Press the PUSH button to remove the Brew Group. Wash the Brew Group and the filter and dry. Make sure the Brew Group is in rest position; the two references must match. Make sure the components are in the correct position. The hook shown must be in the correct position; to check its position, firmly press the “PUSH” button. The lever on the rear part of the group must be in contact with the group base. Insert the washed and dried Brew Group. DO NOT PRESS THE “PUSH” BUTTON. r* 'ik J A ' ; Insert the coffee grounds drawer. Close the service door. 36 ERROR CODES GUIDE MESSAGE THAT APPEARS B HOW TO REMOVE THE MESSAGE out ot service (xx) Where (xx) identifies an error code.Turn off and after 30 restart to fix... seconds turn the machine on again to restore normal operation.If the problem persists, call the service centre and give the code (xx) shown on the display. close coffee bean lid Close the coffee bean hopper cover to be able to make a beverage. fill container wth coffee Put coffee beans into the bean hopper. insert the brew group Insert the brew group in its place. insert grounds drawer Insert the coffee grounds drawer. empty grounds Warning that does not block the machine. Proceed as for the next alarm. empty grounds drawer Remove the grounds drawer and empty the grounds into an appropriate container (See page 34, steps 4 and 5.). Note: The grounds drawer must be emptied only when the machine requires it and when the machine is turned on. If you empty the drawer with the machine turned off it will not record the emptying operation. close door In order for the machine to operate, the side door must be closed. fill the water tank. The tank must be removed and refilled with fresh drinking water. empty the drip tray Open the side door and empty the drip tray located under the Brew Group. change the filter The Aqua Prima filter must be replaced in the following cases: 1....

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