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Instructions Saeco Coffee Makers, Modèle SUP021YNR

Fabricant : Saeco Coffee Makers
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C If a long extension cord is used: 1 the marked electrical rating of the extension cord should be at least as great as the electrical rating of the appliance. 2 if the appliance is of the grounded type, the extension cord should be a grounding type 3 the cable does not hang from the table to avoid the risk of getting caught up in it. GENERAL INFORMATION This coffee machine is ideal for preparing espresso coffee either with coffee beans or preground coffee and also features a device for dispensing steam and hot water. This elegantly styled machine is designed for household use only. It is not suitable for continuous professional-type use. Warning. The manufacturer shall accept no liability for damage or injury caused by: • improper use or use for other than the intended purposes; • repairs carried out by anyone other than an authorised service centre; • tampering with the power cord; • tampering with any machine component; • use of spare parts and accessories other than those supplied by the manufacturer. The warranty will be invalidated in such cases. TO FACILITATE INTERPRETATION A warning triangle draws attention to the instructions that are important for user safety. Please carefully abide by these instructions to avoid serious injury! HOW TO USE THESE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Keep these operating instructions in a safe place and make them available to anyone else who should use the coffee machine. For further information or an explanation of problems not completely or sufficiently addressed in these instructions, contact an authorised service centre. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS • Voltage rating See rating plate on appliance • Power rating See rating plate on appliance • Casing material Metal • Size (w x h x d) (mm) 285 x 375 x 400 • Weight (Kg) 11 • Cord length (mm) 1200 • Control panel Front • Water tank (lit.) 2 - Extractible • Power supply See rating plate on appliance • Pump pressure (bars) 15 • Boiler Stainless steel • Coffee container capacity (g.) 300 of coffee beans • Rapid Steam Steam ready in a few seconds • Grinders Ceramic • Quantity of ground coffee 8 g • Dreg drawer capacity 13 • Safety devices Boiler pressure safety valve safety thermostat Subject to engineering and manufacturing changes as warranted by technological developments. Machine in conformity with European Directive 89/336/EEC (Italian Legislative Decree 476 of 04/12/92) concerning electromagnetic compatibility. ENGLISH 20 SAFETY RULES IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY HAZARDS Immediately unplug the appliance. THE APPLIANCE MAY ONLY BE USED - In a closed place. - To prepare coffee, dispense hot water, froth milk or heat beverages using steam. - For household use. - By adults in full possession of their physical and mental capacities. NEVER USE THE APPLIANCE for purposes other than those indicated above to avoid hazards. Never place any substances in the containers other than those specified in the instruction manual. When you fill a container, make sure all nearby containers are closed. Fill the water tank only with fresh drinking water: hot water and/or other liquids may damage the machine. Do not use carbonated water. The coffee grinder may be adjusted only while it is running. Do not introduce your fingers or any material other than coffee beans into the coffee grinder. Before attempting to access the inside of the coffee grinder, switch OFF the machine and remove the plug from the electric socket. Do not put coffee beans or instant coffee into the ground coffee container. MAINS CONNECTION Connect the coffee machine to a suitable electric socket. The voltage must match the voltage specified on the appliance rating plate. INSTALLATION - Choose a perfectly level supporting surface. Do not place on a hot surface! - Maintain a distance of 10 cm from walls and electric or gas burners. - Do not keep at temperatures below 0 °C; the appliance may be damaged by freezing. - The electric socket must be accessible at all times. - The power cord must not be damaged, secured with clamps, placed on very hot surfaces etc. - Do not let the power cord hang loosely (Warning: danger of tripping or of causing the appliance to fall). - Do not use the power cord to carry or pull the coffee machine. - The appliance must not be used by children or by individuals unacquainted with the operating instructions. - The appliance is dangerous for children. If left unattended it must be switched off. - Do not leave the materials used to pack the appliance within children’s reach. - Do not direct a jet of hot steam and/or hot water toward yourself or others: danger of scalding. - Do not introduce any objects through the openings in the appliance (Electrical hazard!). - Do not touch the plug when your hands or feet are wet. Do not unplug the appliance by yanking at the power cord. - Warning: contact with hot water, steam or and hot water/steam nozzle may cause burns. FAULTS -Do not use the appliance if it malfunctions or you suspect damage, e.g. after a fall. - Repairs ...

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