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Instructions Vitek, Modèle VT-1372

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The shaver features a water resistant body, so it can be washed under a stream of water. Try wet shaving using shaving foam - you will notice a significant difference. When switching from one type of shaver to another, your skin requires some time to adjust; facial skin adapts to new shaving methods within about one month. Parts list 1. Protective cap 2. External shaving screen 3. Internal cutting block 4. Screen block removal buttons 5. Shaver body 6. Power switch 7. Power blocking button 8. Battery charging indicator 9. Spare external shaving screen 10. Cleaning brush 11. Travel case 12. Charger 13. Trimmer CHARGING (Pic. 1) Before first use of the shaver and after long periods of disuse, the batteries must be charged for 5 hours: - Place the charger's plug (12) into the charging socket on the bottom of the shaver body and connect the charger to an electrical outlet; the charging indicator (8) will light. - Consecutive charging cycles should not exceed two hours. OPERATION - Remove the protective cap (1). - Turn on the power switch (6). - Lightly touch the skin and shave with soft motions against the hair growth. The best effects are achieved on stretched skin. - Turn the shaver power-switch (6) off when finished shaving. For wet shaving - Spread a thin layer of shaving foam onto your skin; it will act as a lubricant. In this case, shaving foam is the best thing to use among other means for sale (gel, soap, cream, etc.). Do not apply a thick layer of foam onto the skin, as it can reduce the shaving ability of the shaver. If the shaving head gets clogged with foam, simply rinse it under running water. Using the trimmer (Pic. 2, 3) - Move the trimmer switch (13) to the upper position. - Turn on the shaver with the switch (6). - Position the shaver at the correct angle to the skin and move it gradually down, evening the whiskers. - Turn off the shaver and move the trimmer switch (13) to the lower position. CLEANING THE SHAVER Dry cleaning - Press the buttons (4) simultane- 6 Vt-13 72.qxd 21.01.05 17:30 ïe 7 ENGLISH ously and remove the external shaving block (2) (Pic. 4). - Using the brush (10), clean the inside and outside of the shaving block (2), and also, the internal cutting blocks (3) (Pic. 5, 6). - Replace the external shaving block, attach the protective cap and store the shaver in the travel case. Wet cleaning Regular wet cleaning can help you keep the shaver in good condition, preserve a high level of shaving ability and prevent unpleasant odors or bacteria growth. - Without removing the external shaving block, apply a small amount of liquid soap to the shaving head. - Turn on the shaver and pour a little water onto the external shaving screen. After 10-20 seconds, turn off the shaver. - Remove the screen and wash under running water. - Wash the internal cutting blocks (Pic. 7) under water. - Dry the shaver completely with a clean cloth. Do not attach the protective cap (1), so the external shaving screen can dry. REPLACING SHAVING SYSTEM COMPONENTS To preserve the cutting ability of the shaver, it is recommended to replace the external shaving screen once a year - no less, and the internal cutting block - every two years. Replacing the external shaving screen - Press the buttons (4) and remove the external shaving block (2). - Remove the shaving screen from the inside of the shaving block. This requires a small sharp object (like a small flat-head screwdriver) to remove the edge of the screen from the holder on the shaving block (Pic. 8). - Install the new shaving screen into the inside of the shaving block. Make sure that the screen is secure on all four sides (Pic. 9). Replacing the internal cutting block - Remove the external shaving block (2). - Remove the internal cutting block by lifting upwards. - Install a new internal cutting block. PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT This shaver contains rechargeable batteries. Before disposing of the expired electric shaver, remove the batteries and dispose of them according to the laws of your country for disposal of harmful waste. Do not throw the shaver away until you remove the built-in rechargeable batteries. WARNINGS • Do not charge the batteries in places where the temperature is lower than 0"C or higher than 40"C, or they are exposed to direct sun- Vt-13 72.qxd 21.01.05 17:30 se 8 ENGLISH & light, near heat sources or places with high levels of humidity. Only use the charging device that came with the shaver. Dry the shaver fully before connecting the charging device. Keep the charger away from water and do not attempt to touch it with wet hands. Store the charger in a dry and safe place; protect it from damage. The external shaving screen is very thin; it can be easily damaged if not cared for properly. To avoid injury, do not use the shaver if he external shaving screen or the internal cutting blocks are damaged. Wash the shaver under the tap. Do not use salty or boiling water fo...

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