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SOMETIMES THIS EFFECT IS ALSO KNOWN AS ELECTRO MAGNETIC INTERFERENCE, (EMI). EMC, (EMI), FROM RADIO-WAVE SOURCES. Mobility scooters may be susceptible to EMC, which is interference from electromagnetic energy, (EM), emitted from sources such as radio stations, TV stations, amateur (HAM) radio transmitters, two way radios and mobile phones. The interference, (from radio sources), can cause the mobility scooter to release it’s brakes, move by itself, or move in an unintended way. Permanent damage can also be done to the mobility scooters control system. The intensity of the interfering EM energy can be measured in volts per meter, (V/m.). Each mobility scooter can resist EMC up to a certain intensity. This is known as the scooters “immunity level”. The higher the immunity level, the greater the protection. Current technology offers useful protection of at least 20 V/m. which provides protection from the more common sources of radiated EMC. There are a number of relatively strong electromagnetic fields present in the everyday environment. Most of these sources are obvious and easy to avoid, others are not so obvious and can be unavoidable. By following the warnings listed, your risk of exposure to EMC will be minimised. EMC sources can be broadly classified into three types; 1. Hand-held portable transceivers, (transmitter-receivers with on-board antenna). Examples are Walkie-Talkie, CB Radio, security, emergency services, Mobile phones. Note that some cellular phones can transmit signals while they are switched on but not being used. 2. Medium range mobile transmitters such as those used on emergency services vehicles, taxis etc. These usually have antennas mounted on the outside of the vehicle. Iss 2 9 EMC (EMI) WARNINGS 3. Long-range transmitters and transceivers, such as commercial broadcast transmitters, (radio and TV broadcast antenna towers) and amateur (HAM) radios. Note: Other types of hand-held devices such as cordless phones, laptop computers, AM/FM radios, TV sets, CD players, cassette players and small appliances, such as electric shavers and hair dryers, are not likely to cause any EMC problems to your mobility scooter. Mobility scooter electromagnetic contamination, (EMC). EM energy rapidly intensifies the closer one moves to the transmitting antenna, the source. Because of this it is possible to bring strong EM fields unintentionally close to your mobility scooter’s control system. Mobile handheld radio type transceivers are of particular concern. Whilst such devices are in use, it is possible that the EM radiation can affect the mobility scooter’s movement and braking. The following warnings are recommended to help prevent possible interference with your mobility scooter’s control system. 1. Do not operate hand-held transceivers, such as CB radio or turn ON cellular phones, whilst your mobility scooter is turned ON. 2. Be aware of nearby radio or television transmitters and try to avoid coming too close to them. 3. If you experience unintended movement or brake release, switch your scooter OFF as soon as it is safe to do so. 4. Adding accessories, components or modifying the mobility scooter, may increase susceptibility to EMC (EMI). Note: There is no easy way of assessing the effect of any modification on a scooters EM immunity. 5. If you experience any EMC (EMI) related incidents, please report them to your dealer, noting if there is a possible source of EM transmission nearby. 10 Iss 2 Features Photo 1 SEATING PAGE 16 CONTROL POD PAGE 18-19 BATTERY PACK PAGE 25-29 TILLER ADJUSMENT PAGE 17 FREEWHEEL LEVER PAGE 20 TYRES PAGE 30 WIDTH ADJUSTABLE ARMRESTS PAGE 17 BASKET Iss 2 11 Safety warning and user guidance Getting on to your scooter 1. Ensure that the on-off switch or key switch is turned to the off position. 2. Stand at the side of the scooter, facing forwards. 3. Pull the armrest upwards until vertical. 4. Make sure that the seat is secure, with the backrest upright. 5. Steady yourself with your right hand on the tiller and place your right foot onto the floorboard. 6. Gently lower yourself into the seat. 7. Ensure that both feet are placed firmly on the floorboard of the scooter . 8. Pull the armrest downwards and allow it to gently settle back into position. Getting off your scooter 1. Bring your scooter to a complete stop. 2. Make sure that the on-off switch or key switch is turned to the off position. 3. Pull the armrest upwards until vertical. 4. Put your left foot on the ground gently steadying yourself. 5. Carefully get out of the seat and stand by the side of your scooter with both feet on the ground. 6. You may leave the armrest in this position or return it to normal. 12 Iss 2 Safety warning and user guidance General safety warnings Safety is important with any vehicle that is power driven. Below are some essential tips to safeguard your use. These are not conclusive and should be read in conjunction with the sections which explain how to adjust, operate and maintain your vehic...

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