Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products Skuttle Make-Up Air Diffuser D-28-6

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D-28-6 READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS DIFFUSER SIZE: 19-1/4 in. (48.90 cm) H x 9-1/2 in. (24.13 cm) W x 9-1/2 in. (24.13 cm) D The Skuttle Make-Up Air Diffuser allows clean, fresh air to enter your home whenever there is a negative air pressure buildup or a need for replacement (makeup) air. NOTE: The Diffuser may be attached directly to the furnace cabinet. It may also be installed on a nearby wall or substantial support structure, but must be installed within 1 ft. (30.48 cm) of the fur

Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products Air Cleaner

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on your purchase of a Skuttle High Efficiency Air Cleaner – one of the finest residential air filtration systems made. Experience that Works for You Skuttle has been manufacturing residential indoor air quality products since 1917, earning widespread acclaim as an industry leader. Our longevity and dedication to our customers have resulted in efficient, high-quality products which are easy to use and easy to maintain. Maximum Enjoyment of Your Air Cleaner System Please take a few minutes to read