Remington V-2002

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READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. KEEP AWAY FROM WATER DANGER As with most electrical appliances, electrical parts are electrically live even when the switch is off. To reduce the risk of electric shock: 1. Always unplug this appliance from the outlet immediately after using and before cleaning. 2. Do not use while bathing or in a shower. 3. Do not place or store appliance where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink. 4. Do not place or drop into water or other liquid. 5. If an appliance

Remington TI-2000

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Do not use attachments not recommended by Spectrum Brands, Inc. ¦ Never operate this appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, of if it has been dropped into water. ¦ Keep the cord away from the heated surfaces. Do not wrap the cord around the appliance. ¦ Never use while sleeping. ¦ Never drop or insert any object into any of the appliance’s openings. ¦ Do not use outdoors or operate where aerosol (spray) products are being use

Remington SSD-500

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Air that is too hot causes hair’s outer layer to seal shut – trapping water inside and slowing down the drying process. The SuperSonic™ dryer generates more airflow than other dryers so it can use less heat to dry hair more quickly. And less heat equals less hair damage. Fast Air Concentrator Exclusive vent design pulls in more air for faster precision styling. 5 Ionic ports for more ionic conditioning Negative ions neutralize the positive ions that cause static and frizzies. Leaves hair shiny a

Remington SSD-250

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Should the ALCI safety device trip (i.e., reset button pops out) during use, press the reset button. Should the dryer fail to reset, call Remington Customer Service at 800-736-4648. Never operate this appliance if it has been dropped in water. OVERHEATING This appliance is equipped with an automatic thermal limiter, which will cycle off when overheated and come back on when cooled down. If the unit cycles off, unplug the cord for several minutes before restarting. This message about Ground Fault

Remington RPS96

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Improper use of saw can cause severe injury. Keep this manual for future reference. ® ® 8' ELECTRIC TELESCOPING POLE SAW INTRODUCTION Your Remington Telescoping Pole Saw is a dual purpose product. The electric chain saw is a separate operating unit when not assembled to the telescoping pole. Before operating either the chain saw or the Pole Saw, make certain you read and understand all safety warnings. SAFETY WARNINGS Make certain you read and understand all Safety Warnings on pages 2 and 3. Imp

Remington RPS2N1: 106821A

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Chain should move freely. If chain does not move freely, loosen chain by turning adjusting screw counterclockwise. 4. After chain tension is correct, tighten guide bar nuts firmly. If not, guide bar will move and loosen chain tension. This will increase the risk of kickback. This can also damage saw. Note: A new chain will stretch. Check new chain after first few minutes of operation. Allow chain to cool down. Readjust chain tension. ASSEMBLY OF POLE SAW Step . – Squeeze Trigger Push in and hold

Remington RPS 96: 104317

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Kickback can result in severe injury or death. See Kickback, page 3, to avoid risk of kickback. Trimming a tree is the process of cutting limbs from a living tree. Make sure your footing is firm. Keep feet apart. Divide your weight evenly on both feet. Follow directions below to trim a tree. 1. Make first cut six inches from tree trunk on underside of limb. Use top of guide bar to make this cut. Cut 1/3 through diameter of limb (see Figure 18). 2. Move two to four inches farther out on limb. Mak

Remington RPS 96

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This could also pull you off balance. 2 104296 OWNER’S MANUAL SAFETY WARNINGS continued KICKBACK WARNING: Kickback may occur when the nose or tip of the guide bar touches an object, or when the wood closes in and pinches the saw chain in the cut. Tip contact in some cases may cause a lightning fast reverse reaction, kicking the guide bar up and back towards the operator. Pinching the saw chain along the top of the guide bar may push the guide bar rapidly back towards the operator. Either of thes

Remington REMJ70

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If fan is hard to turn, see Pump Rotor, page 14. 9 SERVICE PROCEDURES Upper Shell Removal 1. Remove screws along each side of heater using 5/16" nut-driver. These screws attach upper and lower shells together. 2. Lift upper shell off. 3. Remove fan guard. Fuel Filter (REMJ70) 1. Remove side cover screws using 5/16" nut-driver. 2. Remove side cover. 3. Pull rubber fuel line off fuel filter neck. 4. Carefully pry bushing and fuel filter out of fuel tank. 5. Wash fuel filter with clean fuel and rep

Remington REMJ150

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Improper use of heater can cause serious injury. Keep this manual for future reference. CONTENTS SAFETY INFORMATION SECTION PAGE Safety Information ......................................................................... 2 Product Identification .................................................................... 4 Unpacking...................................................................................... 5 Assembly ...........................................................................