Polk Audio RM2600

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Most wire has some indication (such as color code, ribbing, or writing) on one of the two conductors to help maintain consistency. If your speakers sound “thin” with little bass and little to no center image, the chances are that one of the speaker wires is connected backwards. Double check all connections. This system features a powered subwoofer (packaged separately) that has a built-in, adjustable low pass filter to separate the bass from the full range signal. The “subwoofer output” jacks (s

Polk Audio RM2300

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The most popular placement is right on top of your TV set. It is also fine to place it below the TV or on the wall directly above the TV (using optional wall bracket such as one from OmniMount®). FRONT SATELLITES (Figures A & B) Place the front satellites about as far apart as you are sitting from them. Avoid placing them less than 2 feet from side walls. When mounting the speakers on stands or on a shelf, place them at or near your ear level. If you choose to wall mount them above ear level, th

Polk Audio PAD2000.2

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Status LEds (on top of amplifier): Power and Protection—Power will illuminate to indicate the amplifier is on and operating normally; protection will illuminate if the amplifier shuts down due to short circuit, DC offset, or overheating detected by onboard protection circuitry 2. HPF, FuLL, BPF Switch—Selects full range, high pass filter, or band-pass filter The HPF setting attenuates low frequencies and is used with mid-range speakers and tweeters The FULL setting does not attenuate any frequen

Polk Audio DXI108

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Typically that specification will be expressed as a range of power such as 20-200 W (per channel). It is important to understand what those numbers mean when choosing a receiver or amplifier for your Polk loudspeakers. The lower number indicates the lowest continuous rated power that will yield acceptable performance in a typical listening environment. The higher number indicates the highest per channel power that should be used with your Polk speakers. That number should not be confused with a

Polk Audio D5000.5

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Having the proper tools will make the installation that much easier. • Phillips head screwdriver • Solderless, crimp-on connectors and a crimping tool • Electric drill and 3/16" and 1/8" drill bits • Safety glasses • Permanent ink marker or pencil • DMM or VOM • Safety glasses • Nylon tie straps • Wire strippers and cutters • Wire crimper • Electrical tape • Grommets for passing wires through metal car walls • Amplifier Power Wire End Panel Layouts PA D5000.5 Line Level Inputs/Controls 1. Status

Polk Audio C400.4

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(Someone just like US, in other words!) Please take a moment and read through this manual before you get started. Installing a car audio system is a serious project. If you have any doubts about your ability to execute any of the installation steps found in this manual, save yourself a lot of grief and contact your local authorized Polk Audio AutoSound dealer. He (or she) is a professional installer and ready to help you get the most for your autosound dollar. More information—including audio ho