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For example: If we want to heat a 300 ° °°°°F furnace to 1350 ° °°°°F over a 6 hour period, we would calculate as follows: ENDING TEMPERATURE (° °°°°F).. ............ ............1350 STARTING TEMPERATURE (° °°°°F) .......... ............-300 DIFFERENCE (° °°°°F).................... ........................1050 DIVIDE THE TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE.....1050 1050 1050 BY THE NUMBER OF HOURS. ............ ............ ... 6 5 3 TO GET DEGREES PER HOUR ............ ............ ..... .175210 350 We hav

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1. After the wax has been removed you may load the furnace SPRUE HOLE UP or use our WWT13 or WWT18 Grate & Tray and the sprue holes can remain down. REMOVE WAX TRAY AT END OF FIRST HOUR. To start this program, see instructions below. The program begins with a slowly rising temperature from ambient to 1350 ° °°°°F (730 ° °°°°C) which requires approximately 8. hours. The program then holds that temperature for 2 hours, and then reduces to a casting temperature of 900 ° °°°°F (480 ° °°°°C) and hold

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The Type K thermocouple is standard on most kilns.) SFTY Safety This is the maximum temperature the Sentry is programmed for your kiln. It can be altered only at the factory. SKIP Skip Segment If you press the Skip Segment key during a firing, SKIP will appear. If you press the key again, the firing will skip to the next segment. SOFT Software Version This option gives the version of software loaded into your Sentry. STRT Firing Started. This appears when firing begins. Do not be concerned if it

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Town East Blvd. Mesquite, Texas 75149 800-876-4328 972-288-7557 Fax 972-222-0646 paragonind@worldnet.att.net 1 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL WW ELECTRIC BURNOUT FURNACES WITH COMPUTERIZED PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLERS (W13, W14, W18) AND WW COMPUTERIZED PROGRAMMERS (WTNFII-10, -19) Computerized programming of burnout furnaces provides for simple push-button operation for controlling your furnace during the burnout process. All programmers contain 3 built-in burnout programs which may be used immedia

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5) Insert programmer line cord into wall outlet. Again, if plug does not match outlet, outlet must be replaced or unit can be wired direct. If wired direct, it must be done by a licensed and qualified electrician. NOTE: WHEN POWER IS FIRST APPLIED, THE PROGRAMMER ALARM WILL GO OFF FOR APPROXIMATELY TWO SECONDS.. 6) The display will alternately read [ ldLE ] and the current temperature in the furnace. 7) If the display does not read [ ldLE ], press “STOP” then press “ENTER”. 8) Turn the furnace c