Orion Car Audio XTR XTR5001

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All rights reserved. Amplifier Top Plate PowerThermalProtection Figure 11 Figura 11 Abbildung 11 Troubleshooting Tips Symptom Probable Cause Action To Take no output Low or no remote turn-on Check remote turn-on voltage at voltage amplifier and repair as needed Fuse blown Check power wire's integrity and check for speaker shorts Fix as needed and replace fuse Power wires not connected Check power wire and ground connections and repair or replace as needed Audio input not connected Check RCA conn

Orion Car Audio XTR XTR15001

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REM -this terminal turns on the amplifier when (+) 12 volt is applied Connect it to the remote turn on lead of the head unit or signal source If a (+) 12 volt remote turn lead is not available, a Remote Power Adapter (P/n oRRPA) can be used to supply a remote turn on signal Do not connect this terminal to constant (+) 12 volt 3. GND -power return connection Connect this terminal directly to the sheet metal chassis of the vehicle, using the shortest wire necessary to make this connection Always u

Orion Car Audio XTR XTR10001

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All rights reserved. amplifier For optimal results, mount the amplifier with as much clearance as possible this type of mounting will yield the best cooling due to the convection effect of the amplifier chassis General Precautions and Installation Tips WARNING! Be careful not to cut or drill into gas tanks, fuel lines, brake lines, hydraulic lines, vacuum lines, or electrical wiring when working on your vehicle Disconnect the vehicle’s ground wire at the battery before making or breaking connect

Orion Car Audio PYLE Chopper Series PLA-4120

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Ground (10.5-16V) 270 x 36 x 330 10.63 x 1.42 x 13 features and controls 18dB 0dB HPF LPF FULL HPF LPF FULL 18dB 0dB BASS BOOST X-OVER BASS BOOSTX-OVER CH 1/2 CH 3/4 4 ch amp PLA-4120 PLA-4120 9 electrical connections 2 ch amp • PLA-2230 • PLA-2260 PLA-2230 PLA-2260 10 PLA-4120 electrical connections PLA-4120 electrical connections 4 ch amp PLA-4120 11 stereo input connections 2 ch amp • PLA-2230 • PLA-2260 12 PLA-2230 PLA-2260 mono input connections 2 ch amp • PLA-2230 • PLA-2260 13 PLA-2230 PL

Orion Car Audio PYLE Chopper Series PLA-2260

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on your purchase of a Pyle Chopper Series amplifier. This amplifier extends the Pyle tradition into a totally new series of amps, designed from the ground up to deliver the power, performance and flexibility the modern car audio enthusiast demands. When you check the list of features offered by the PLA-1200, PLA-2230, PLA-2260, and PLA-4120 you’ll know you made the right choice with a Pyle Chopper amplifier. table of contents table of contents general features 2-3 features and specifications PLA

Orion Car Audio PQA5100

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When using stereo, bridge, mono function, the connect model must be same than model switch selected. When output high-power signal continuously, the amplifier should be has speedup in the cooling fan, it may be have low noise produce in this equipment, it is normally. The general gain of the amplifier can be adjust by gain knob, the input level have 0.77V, 1.4V, full-power out and fixed 26dB gain 3 band should be selected. Donr vent of rear panel. When clear-up the cover of the equipment, you mu

Orion Car Audio PQA4100

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PQA series amplifiers has full-protection, including: Soft start function to prevent wave shock at power-on. Delay function for prevent shock at switch power on. DC protection. Over-electric current protection. Cut-wave protection. Over heat protection. ATTENTION Never put any parts on the top of the amplifier. Using fixed power socket that must be has enough capacity to prove power. Never switch the power on and off continuously at the same time. Donruction in the air vent of front panel. Input

Orion Car Audio PQA3100

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.Ensure the amp is adequately ventilated, with free airflow to the front and rear panels. Keep away from other heat sources. If the amps are mounted in a rack with other amps, ensure there is adequate cool air flow front and rear. Note that air is drawn in through the back panel, and exhausted through the front panel. .NEVER cover the amplifiers, as they may overheat. .PQA power amplifiers are designed to fit standard 19 racks, with a 2U height and 17 depth. We recommend the use of rear rack sup

Orion Car Audio PLMRA620

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This warranty is limited to the original retail purchase. Should the product fail due to factory defects in material or workmanship, your unit will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Pyle. To obtain warranty service you must first call our Consumer Return Hotline number at (718) 236-6948 to obtain a Return Authorization number. This R.A.# must appear on the outside of your package and on all paperwork relating to your return. When returning a product to us for warranty service it

Orion Car Audio PLMRA400

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This innovative system has been designed a 12 volts DC negative ground power supply. Easy installation with mounting hardware is provided. The PLMRA 400 has two input levels. The high or low impedance input can be connected to units which incorporate BTL circuity or common-ground types. (3) © (p nf CTT ^ ^ ^ C= c= — 3 CM/L 4 CH/ft — HIGH INPUT LEVEL to)) ■ (Cl CH/L 2CM/R LEVEL HIGH INPUT O 0 =3 iP ETr c= c= c= c= ©04-12V GND REMOTE*^ E ,-SPEAKERS- 4 CM/R 3CM/L tCH/R 1CH/L © © =3