Metabo WS 7400

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If you have no experience whatsoever with such tool, we strongly recommend to seek the advise of experienced persons. • Keep all documents supplied with this tool for future reference. Retain your proof of purchase in case of a future warranty claim. • Should you rent or sell the tool, pass on all documents supplied with the tool. The manufacturer assumes no liability for any damage caused by neglect of these operating instructions. Information in these instructions is marked as under: Danger! R

Metabo Wood Sanding Machine

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The wide range allows the user to select exactly the right sander for the job, be it for sanding flat surfaces, curved surfaces, sanding into corners or along edges. Backed up with a wide range of accessories Metabo sanders are able to finish a whole host of materials, be it wood, metal, paints, varnish or filler. Metabo. Work. Don’t play. 150 | WOOD SANDING MACHINES WOOD SANDING MACHINES | 151 152 | WOOD SANDING MACHINES CONSIDERED THE BEST, NOT ONLY ON THE SURFACE. Metabo power control system

Metabo Welding Transformers and Rectifiers SB 200 CT

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Children are not permitted to operate this machine. Connect to an earthed single-phase 230/240 V outlet, protected by a 16 A time-lag fuse. Operating other electric machines or appliances on the same circuit while welding is only possible to a very limited extent and not recommended. Earth and welding cable are firmly attached to the machine. Polarity does not matter with AC welding current. 13 Attach earth clamp to the workpiece, close to the weld seam and on bare metal for good conduction. Pla

Metabo Welding Transformers and Rectifiers SB 160 C

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Attention ! Priere de lire attentivement la presente notice avant l'installation et la mise en service. Oppassen! Lees deze instructies voor de installatie en ingebruikname aandachtig door. D DEUTSCH ENG ENGLISH KONFORMITATSERKLARUNG DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Wir erklaren in alleiniger Verantwortlichkeit, da. dieses Produkt mit We herewith declare in our sole responsibility that this product den folgenden Normen ubereinstimmt* gema. den Bestimmungen complies with the following standards* der Ric

Metabo Welding Technology

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They keep in close contact with those who know best what good welding equipment is all about: the craftspeople. That is why a Metabo welding device has everything you need. That is a promise, because in addition to designing our welding equipment from start to finish, we also produce and assemble it - from the transformer to the entire electronics. The strictest of quality checks are therefore quite normal and the five year warranty on the main transformer is a logical conclusion. Metabo. Work.

Metabo Welding Machine MIG/MAG 160

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1. F F Conservez le recu d'achat! La garantie ne peut etre accordee que sur France presentation de ce recu. 2. N N Oppbevar kvitteringen! Norge Garantiytelser skjer kun pa grunnlag av forelagt kvittering. 3. Sailyta ostokuitti! J Suomi/ Finland Takuu on voimassa vain kuittia vastaan. 4. S S Forvara kvittot! Sverige Garantiansprak erkannes endast mot uppvisande av kvitto. 5. Operation elements 1 2 3 4 5 1 Connection for torch (+) pole 2 Switch on/off and welding currant 3 Wire feed regulator 4 Ov

Metabo Welding Machine MIG/MAG 140

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Welding outside in the rain is not permitted. Mains connection x Check to see that mains voltage matches the voltage shown on the machine's rating plate. x Set welding step switch to "0" before plugging in. Shielding gas cylinder connection x Place gas cylinder onto the welding machine's cylinder rack and secure with the chain to the cylinder holder at the rear of the unit. Take off the cylinder cap and open cylinder valve briefly, facing away from your body. x Screw pressure reducer to the gas

Metabo TIG Welding Torch SRT 17 /8

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Metabo TIG Welding Torch SRT 17 /4

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Metabo TIG 170 AC/DC

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That makes welding devices real perfectionists: they can handle all metals from 0.3 mm on with direct or alternating current, depending on the material. Your advantage: They are so good at handling the concentrated splash-free electric arc, that bother- some reworking is now a thing of the past. Metabo wel- ding systems are produced as highly dependable tools: Only after successfully passing all air condition, dust chamber and vibration tests and then being checked again thoroughly, do they leav