Hobie Wave Jib

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Pin faces towards center. 2) With trampoline loosened, force hulls apart and place bow spreader in position on pins installed on bows 1 I I 3) With swivel cleat mounted to plate, install jib sheet jam cleat plate under existing trampoline hook* as shown. This is installed under center of three tramp hooks. Use the upper two of four holes in the plate. (*For installation on Club Wave see page two...) NOTE: Some very early model boats will require installation of an inspection port to access n

Hobie Wave

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SHRoUdS ANd bRidLES CoNNECT WiTH CLEviS PiNS REPLACEMENT HULL - RigHT 39020001 CLUB items listed only if different from standard SE wave model. ‘97–nEWER (sn 1438-ABOVE) 44 HOBIE WAVE CHAiN PLATE 39100011 (PAiR) SCREW 8030331 ALUMiNUM CASTiNg PiNTLES UPPER PiNTLE 38101301 LoWER PiNTLE 38101401 LoNg LoCK SCREW 8030411 KEEPER WiRE /W PiN 38490011 ( CLUb WAvE vERSioN–iTEMS LiSTEd bELoW oNLy if diffERENT fRoM STANdARd WAvE ModEL. ) CHAiN PLATE 39100011 foRWARd CRoSSbAR 38131041 MAST STEP CASTiNg 381

Hobie V2 Drum

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They are not interchangeable with the older parts. Warning: If cables are installed incorrectly, they may twist off the drums, causing the Drive to fail. Tip: DO NOT REUSE Nyloc nuts when installing new cables. The slotted cable threads have 40% less area -- worn Nylocs may back out causing Drive failure or adjustment problems. Tools and materials required: 7/16 inch wrench needle nose pliers Marine grade axle grease Preparation: 1. Remove old drums, cables and chains 2. Wipe drum axle cl

Hobie Twist-n-Stow Rudder

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There are 4 Phillips head screws which are clamping down the steering and up/down lines. Partially unscrew them to release the line. Once the lines are free from the rudder, tie a loose knot at the ends to prevent them from getting pulled into the hull. Rudder Installation 1. Place the new rudder over the mount at the end of the boat and slide the rudder pin through to hold it in place. Slide the cotter pins through the hole and twist them around the pin with a pair of needle nose pliers. Up/Dow

Hobie Twist-n-Seal Hatch

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The installation of the 8" hatch is shown here, but the same instructions apply for the 6" hatch. 1. Remove your old-style hatches from your boat. Be sure to keep the screws because you will be reusing them to install the new hatch. Once the hatch is removed, clean any debris off the kayak surface that may have accumulated over time (sand and small rocks). You will be using the new backing ring that comes with the new hatch, so take the old ring out of the boat and put it aside. 2. Insert the

Hobie Twist-and-Stow

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With extensive use, the rudder system may need to be adjusted. The following information is intended to familiarize you with the rudder and how it works. The left steering control line is tied off at the screw here. •The right steering control line passes up through the hole here and is tightened down with the small screw alongside it. The left steering control line passes up through the hole in the hex head bolt. These bolts give you the ability to change between a larger or smaller rudder

Hobie TriFoiler

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Hobie Tiger

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17 . 1 pair of universal pliers LIST OF PARTS Hulls (2) Front crossbar Rear crossbar Mast Boom Trampoline Part bag (wires) Rigging bag Ropes bag Rudder assemblies (2) Tiller crossbar Tiller extension Mainsail + battens (7) Jib Trampoline lacing rod Daggerboards (2) It is advisable to be at least 2 people to assemble the Hobie Tiger . CAUTION - DANGER ALUMINIUM MAST - STAY AWAY OF ELECTRICAL WIRES 2 List of parts 1 2 4 5 6 9 ROPES : All ropes are labelled with ref. number and name. Please check c

Hobie Tandem Mirage

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Follow these simple instructions and you'll be out and sailing in minutes. If you are using this kit for your Tandem Mirage, ignore steps 5 and 6 shown here and consult your conversion kit manual Step 4: Tie in the batten (Note: Be sure that when tying, the batten is pulled snug into the sail). TIP: A little tape around the Step 1: Connect mast poles together. * f Feed the line through the hole in batten head. Next, feed the line through ring on the opposite side of sail and pull back snu


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We offer this manual as a guide to increased safety and enjoyment of your new boat. The purpose of this publication is to provide easy, simple and accurate instructions on how to get your Hobie 21 SC ready for the water. Please read them carefully and familiarize yourself with the boat and all of the parts spread before you. Whether you are a new sailor or a veteran of many years, we recommend that you read this thoroughly before your first sail and TRY IT OUR WAY FIRST! If you are new to sailin