Fireboy- Xintex, LTD S-2A

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KEEP THIS MANUAL WITH THE S-2A. Introduction The S-2A vapor-monitoring system utilizes advanced technology for detection of propane (LPG) fuel vapors as well as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). The S-2A allows the connection of two (2) sensors and has both visual and audible alarms. Test switches are provided for full checking of all operations. System operation and correct sensor operation are continually monitored and indicators are provided for fault detection. The S-2A has an internal relay for

Fireboy- Xintex, LTD MA2 FE-241

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9. Screw red T-handle onto cable shaft (Do not obstruct cross hole in T- handle). 10. Push red T-handle into ferrule to seat o-ring. 11. Align holes in ferrule and T-handle. 12. Temporarily install pull pin. 13. Align T-handle so the word “FIRE” is vertical. 14. Tighten the nut behind the panel. 15. Recheck cable installation. 16. CABLE MUST NOT BE CONNECTED TO CYLINDER AT THIS TIME. 17. Remove pull pin. 18. Pass the red tamper proof seal through the ring of the pull pin and around the ferrule.

Fireboy- Xintex, LTD HFC-227ea

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Check the system for damage during shipment. 2. Check the pressure gauge to be sure the gauge pointer lies within the green zone at 70°F (21°C). The correct weight is shown on the nameplate for the appropriate model. 3. Select an interior location not directly subject to weather or seawater. 4. Confirm the volume of the compartment to be protected in cubic feet or cubic meters by multiplying the width in feet, by the length in feet, by the depth at the keel in feet; make no deductions for instal

Fireboy- Xintex, LTD CG2

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18004 1 04/03/2007 Rev. C This owner’s manual and installation instructions pamphlet is provided in English. Additional copies in English are available at no charge by contacting the manufacturer, distributor or dealer. Copies in the language of destination are available upon request for an additional fee. Fireboy-Xintex reserves the right to change features without notice. WARNING: • Do not handle by actuator • Do not drop • Keep away from children • Keep away from extreme heat • Do not dischar