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The 89 litre AdBlue® additive tank has a lock which prevents filling with fuel. It only needs to be filled once every two refills of the 651 litre fuel tank. • A built in step makes reaching the front screen for cleaning safe and secure. • Single piece engine hood opens wide for full service access. • Check, clean or replace the engine air filter without raising the engine hood. • Cooling package opens out to make cleaning • Engine and hydraulic oil check and fill points are faster and easier. e


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The operator first sets the desired working speed and then selects the GSM function. The automated system will then match engine and transmission speeds to maintain this fixed forward speed, to deliver the perfect balance between maintaining productivity without compromising economy. FULL COMMAND IN TRANSPORT During road transport, GSM will automatically shift the transmission according to load and throttle settings. The foot pedal will act as a drive pedal, simply press it down to upshift to yo


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It is designed to dramatically improve operator performance and comfort. All this and more at the touch of a button. * Using RTK correction signal. FULLY INTEGRATED INTELLISTEER™ GUIDANCE Guidance system choice will relate to the intended applications and the need to integrate with existing systems. With T8 series tractors, all IntelliSteer options operate via factory installed systems that facilitate installation and upgrades. This enables the selected package to be modified and upgraded simply


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A quiet, spacious cab. World class ergonomics. Modern FPT Industrial power for optimum performance and economy. Heavy duty axles for dual wheels front and rear. High capacity hydraulics. Brilliant all-round visibility. Great manoeuvrability. Stylish looks. MORE POWER AND PRODUCTIVITY T8 tractors are the most powerful rigid tractor series available with a full powershift transmission. The entire range boasts New Holland’s cutting-edge ECOBlue™ SCR technology for Tier 4A compliance. This means tha