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Fit the strap hooks into the round holes at the top of the Spray Pack. ii. Feed the strap through the vertical slots at the bottom of the Spray Pack, loop around and feed back through the strap buckle. Spraying IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE UNIT IS TESTED WITH WATER PRIOR TO EACH USE 1. Remove Spray Pack Lid (2) and pour in required spray material and thinners. 2. Ensure the spray material and thinners do not exceed the max fill line on the Spray Pack. 3. Fit the Spray Pack Lid, ensuring that Seal


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Please retain for future reference. Thank you for purchasing your Earlex SteamStation SC300, we hope you enjoy using it. Please read the manual carefully to get the most out of your product. 164101112138a598372 Pack contents: 1 -SC300 2 -Jug 3 -Funnel 4 -Towel 5 -Straight Adaptor 6 -Steam Cap 7 -Extension Wands 8 -Floor Tool and Swivel Adaptor (8a) 9 -Window/Tile Cleaner 10 -Angled Nozzle 11 -Plastic Brushes, Large and Small 12 -Steam Plate 13 -Steam Gun • Please note that some accessories are s


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If the unit requires refilling, unplug and allow to cool for at least 2 minutes before removing filler cap -Beware of steam -and re-filling. When finished, allow to cool completely and empty unit. Always store unit empty. safetY cut-ouT A safety cut-out is fitted to prevent overheating of the element if water boils below the Min. level. If unit stops boiling during use this may be the cause. Wait for 2 minutes before removing filler cap then re-fill with water. The cut-out will self reset and st


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In order to obtain the best results please read the instructions before commencing any work. Please also make a special note of the safety rules. EARLEX LTD. WILL ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT IF USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSES THAN THOSE DETAILED HEREIN. IF yoU havE anY problemS wItH youR steaM cleaneR oR IF yoU belIevE A parT IS mIssIng, dO noT returN tO store. pleasE contacT earleX ltD oN 01483 454666. retaIN foR futurE reference. safetY ruleS • Keep equipment away from chi


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This accessory can be used for cleaning all round the house, stoves, cupboards, work surfaces, toilets, sinks, lawnmowers etc. It both cleans and disinfects at the same time. It can also be used to defrost your freezer in minutes with no inconvenience. check with fridge/freezer manufacturer for advice before use. Cleans lawnmowers, Defrosts freezers use with scraper sInK unblocKeR tubE (optIonaL accessorY -noT IncludeD IN alL KIts) Connect the universal handle to the jet nozzle head and push one


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The Earlex Steam Cleaning Kit does not require detergents, chemicals or other cleaners. It cleans purely by the action of steam. This action also removes any traces of powder or liquid cleaners previously used. protecT youR home! The heat generated by the boiler unit can mark carpets, soft furnishings, table tops, cabinets etc. To prevent this we recommend placing the unit on a wooden board, tray or other barrier -making sure it will not slip off one side or tilt during use. Dust sheets or newsp


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Once the adhesive is hot it softens and the tile can be peeled from the floor. disinfecting soil: To disinfect soil in seed trays or greenhouses rake the soil to obtain a fine surface. Leave the steam plate on each section for 2 to 2.5 minutes which should ensure that the steam has penetrated through the surface. Killing weeds: Steam will kill weeds on paths and patios without the use of chemicals. You will need to steam the weeds for 1 to 1.5 minutes in order to kill them. maIntenancE To keep t

Earlex SS200

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In order to obtain the best results, please read these instructions BEFORE commencing any work. Please also make a special note of the safety rules and RETAIN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. Earlex Ltd. will not accept any responsibility for the use of this product, if used for any purposes other than those detailed in this manual. CONTENTS Page 2 Safety Rules Page 3 What’s Included & Set Up Page 4 Preparation & Operation • Filling • Stripping Page 5 Completion & Storage Page 6 Safety Cut Out Other Uses &


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Refer to the chapter on cleaning to see how the Fluid Tip and Fluid Needle can be removed and switched for a smaller/larger Fluid Tip and Fluid Needle assembly. • Fill the Paint Container with the product to be sprayed. Stir well (as mentioned above). • Screw the Paint Container to the base of the Spray Gun and tighten accordingly. • Unroll the motor unit air hose and attach it to the back of the Spray Gun. • Unroll the power cable and attach the plug to the mains supply. • Switch the Spray Stat

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• Always have a drop cloth and wear a mask like you would for a roller or brush if spraying inside. • Practice your technique (even if you have sprayed before), just to familiarize yourself with the coating and different spray patterns and flow rate of the gun. • Spend a few minutes getting the viscosity of the paint where it needs to be. • Always clean up your Spray Gun after every use. PLEASE READ MAIN INSTRUCTION MANUAL BEFORE USE Basic Rules of Spraying Follow these simple instructions to se