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2) Turn off power to the furnace/air handler. 3) Remove the existing filter from the furnace/air handler or return air grille. 4) Wiring to the on-board transformer or integrated furnace control: NOTE: ONLY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN SHOULD PERFORM ELECTRICAL WIRING. If there is a terminal strip such as the one shown in figure 1, connect the black wire of the power cord to the “Common” terminal (typically the "C" terminal) and the black wire with the white stripe to the “Hot” 24vac terminal (typica

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Total Customer Satisfaction – PCB Piezotronics guarantees Total Customer Satisfaction. If, at any time, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with any PCB product, PCB will repair, replace, or exchange it at no charge. You may also choose to have your purchase price refunded in lieu of the repair, replacement, or exchange of the product. Service – Due to the sophisticated nature of the sensors and associated instrumentation provided by PCB Piezotronics, user servicing or repair is not

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3425 Walden Ave. Depew, NY 14043 USA Toll-free: (800) 828-8840 24-hour SensorLineSM: (716) 684-0001 Website: E-mail: info@pcb.com Drawing Number: 21082 Revision: NR OPERATION MANUAL FOR MICROPHONE Series 103A 1 1.0 DESCRIPTION The Series 103A microphones are high-sensitivity pressure sensors featuring miniature size, built-in solid state electronics and acceleration compensation. The Model 103A (see installation drawing) has pigtail leads extending radially from the side of the unit and has a no