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Catégorie : Récepteur et amplificateur

It will explain the features and operation of your unit and help ensure a trouble free installation. Please unpack your unit carefully. We recommend that you save the carton and packing material. They will be helpful if you ever need to move your unit and may be required if you ever need to return it for service. Your unit is designed to be placed in a horizontal position and it is important to allow at least two inches of space behind your unit for adequate ventilation and cabling convenience.


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Catégorie : Récepteur et amplificateur

. The Product may generate heat when used for long periods of time. . Do not attempt to disassemble this Product. Doing so may cause fire, electric shock or electrical leakage, and defectiveness in the product itself. . In the event of unusually abnormal sounds, strange orders or smoke, stop using this product immediately. Please shut down your computer and peripheral devices promptly. . Do not use this product if wet or exposed to chemicals, oil or any liquid matter. . Do not handle, shake or t

DTS AVR 2550

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Catégorie : Récepteur et amplificateur

In addition to Dolby’ Digital, Dolby Pro Logic® II and DTS® surround decoding, this AVR 2550 has Harman Kardon's exclusive Logic 7’ and VMAX® decoding. The AVR 2550 's output power of 45 watts per channel in surround mode backed up by a high-current capability of ±25 amps can make your living room sound and feel just like a movie theater. For analog fans, an all-new Stereo bypass mode uses a fully analog path from source to output stage that preserves all of the subtleties of the original record