Doro PMR 510

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Signal search. Setting Up English Unpacking The package should include the following items: - 2 handsets with belt clips - 8 alkaline batteries - This manual - Guarantee Card Please Note! An optional Accessory Pack is available (pmr a-pack) that contains: - 2 Ni-MH rechargeable battery packs, - A twin handset charger and mains adapter, - 2 headsets, - 2 carry cases. Approved usage This product can be freely used in Australia and New Zealand without a license. The handsets are mad

Doro PHONE 314C

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15 14 2 3 13 4 12 5 11 6 10 7 8 9 English 1 Confirm/Call number 2 Delete 3 Hanging peg for handset 4 Alarm buttons 5 Handset volume control 6 Phonebook/Caller ID 7 Flash (recall) 8 Mute 9 Redialling 10 Handsfree button and LED 11 Control for speaker volume 12 Control for ring signal volume 13 Menu button 14 Scrolling buttons 15 Indicator for new number and ring signal 16 Cordless alarm button Francais 1 Touche de prise de ligne / de confirmation 2 Touche Annuler 3 Languette de support du combine


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The answer machine is not answering - Memory may be full. Listen to/delete your messages. - Check that the adapter/phone cord is connected correctly. - Check that the answer machine function is turned on. If the telephone still does not work, contact the place of purchase for service. Don’t forget the receipt or a copy of the invoice. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) This device meets applicable international safety requirements for exposure to radio waves. This telephone measures 0,04 W/kg (per 1

Doro NEOBIO 20

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Screening Incoming messages will be heard on the loudspeaker of the base unit as they are received. If nothing can be heard, check that the volume is turned up and that the function has been activated – see separate description Answer machine settings. You can also press OK on the handset while recording is in progress. The call can be intercepted by pressing q or lifting the receiver of another telephone connected to the same line. Use of answer machine (base unit) The number in the base units’


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Press b. Scroll between entries with {/}. You can quick search the phonebook by pressing the corresponding number key for the first letter. 2. Press q to make a call or press for various options. Incoming numbers/Caller ID The display shows you who is calling and the 10 most recent missed calls. NEW CALLS will be shown in standby mode and . in the list indicates a missed call. This function requires a subscription from your service provider! Retrieving and dialling 1. Press {. Scroll to the desi

Doro NEOBIO 10

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Connect mains adapter/phone cable to wall sockets. 2. Insert batteries (1.2V NiMH AAA) in accordance with the markings. 3. Charge with the keypad facing outwards (24 hours the first time). 4. Press (left menu button). 5. Scroll {/} to HS SETTINGS. 6. Press OK (left menu button). 7. Scroll to LANGUAGE. Press OK. 8. Scroll to ENGLISH. Press OK. 9. Press L or several times to exit the menu screens. If the NeoBio 15r/25r base unit’s display is showing -- the answer machine is disconnected, or time/d

Doro 515C

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Connect the curly cord to the handset and to the socket marked q on the telephone. 2. Replace the handset. 3. If supplied, connect the mains adapter to the DC 9V socket on the telephone and to the mains power wall socket. If a power adapter is not used then batteries must be fitted! See “Batteries” section. 4. The display flashes the alarm setting. If not, hold vpressed down for around 4 seconds. 5. Press 0. 6. Scroll to the desired language using v/V. Press 0 7. Scroll to the desired contrast s

Doro 509C

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Connect the curly cord to the handset and to the socket marked q on the underside of the telephone. 2. Connect the telephone line cord to the socket marked T on the underside of the telephone, and then to a telephone network wall socket. 3. You will hear a click when the modular plug is correctly in place. 4. Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone. Your telephone is now operational. 5. Australia/New Zealand only: Ensure that the recall button timing switch underneath the telephone is corr

Doro 5055

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............... ......... Manual doro 5055/5065R Downloaded from: Picture shows 5065R. 1 Phonebook 2 2 Phonebook 1 3 Talk/Call end button 4 Keypad/Answering machine function buttons 5 Menu/Recall button 6 Volume (5055)/Hands Free Speaker (5065R) button 7 Caller Identification (CID) button 8 OK/Intercom button 9 Redial/Erase button English Index Installation 4 Unpacking..............................4 Connection.............................4 Batteries ................................6 Battery Char