Dito Dean SR62

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For altitudes greater than 2000 feet (610 meters), contact the factory for the correct orifice size. Typical gas valve, burner and orifice locations (SR42 shown above). Propane Applications: Proper Regulator Must Be Installed SUPER RUNNER SERIES GAS FRYERS CHAPTER 2: OPERATION 2.1 Initial Startup Wash the unit and accessories thoroughly with hot, soapy water to remove any film residue, dust or debris. Rinse and wipe dry. Close the drain valve completely. Ensure the operating thermostat and high-

Dito Dean SR52

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Model Gas Type Orifice Size Manifold Pressure KPa Manifold Pressure Inches WC SR62 Nat 2.53 mm 0.9 KPa 3.6” SR62 Prop 1.6 mm 2.4 KPa 9.6” CE UNITS ONLY: Nominal Heat Inputs (Qn), Gas Type, Orifice Size, Pressures and Adjustments, Orifice Quantity/Color, Burner Markings and Pilot Markings are listed in the table below: MODEL* NOMINAL HEAT INPUT- Qn (kW) GAS TYPE ORIFICE SIZE (MM) MANIFOLD GAS PRESSURE ORIFICE QTY/ COLOR BURNER MARKING PILOT MARKING MBAR INCH W.C. SR62 GM 37.5 G20 G25 G31 2.40 2.4

Dito Dean SR42

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A Frymaster/DEAN Factory Authorized Service Center (FASC) or other qualified professional should perform installation, maintenance, and repairs. Installation, maintenance, or repairs by unqualified personnel may void the manufacturer’s warranty. NOTICE This equipment must be installed in accordance with the appropriate national and local codes of the country and/or region in which the appliance is installed. NOTICE TO U.S. CUSTOMERS This equipment is to be installed in compliance with the basic

Dito Dean D80

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B. Clearances: The fryer area must be kept free and clear of all combustibles. This unit is design- certified for the following installations: 1. Commercial installation only (not for household use). 2. Non-combustible floor installation equipped with factory-supplied 6-inch (15-cm) adjustable legs or 5-inch (13-cm) casters; 3. Combustible construction with a minimum clearance of 6-inches (15-cm) side and 6-inches (15-cm) rear, and equipped with factory-supplied 6-inch (15-cm) adjustable legs or

Dito Dean D60

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FILTER RESET BREAKER (7 Amp Circuit Breaker- 120VAC or 5 Amp Circuit Breaker230VAC) – the breaker is inline between the filter switch and the pump. Ensure filter power is off prior to resetting or replacing. 5 AMP (115VAC) or 2 AMP (230VAC) FUSE – each fryer circuit is protected by a 5 amp (115VAC) or 2 amp (230VAC) fuse located under the control panel. 5.2 Electronic Thermostat Controller/Computer with Back-up Thermostat POWER BOIL OUT FF NF BOIL OUT F O F O N F F O F POWER O O O MK N O N MAIN

Dito Dean D50

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Contact factory with the following information when performing conversions: • Fryer Serial Number • Fryer Model Number • Gas Type • Operating Altitude Conversions can only be executed by qualified, factory-authorized personnel. Pilot pressure adjustment Pressure flow adjustment (remove cover screw to access) ON/OFF Gas-Cock Knob Pilot gas supply connection. Regulator Vent (remove cover screw to access) Typical non-CE gas valve. Gas valve shown is for electronic-ignition equipped fryers. 3-7 DECA

Dito Dean D20

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Single fryers equipped with legs must be stabilized by installing anchor straps. All fryers equipped with casters must be stabilized by installing restraining chains. If a flexible gas line is used, an additional restraining cable must be connected at all times when the fryer is in use. DANGER The front ledge of the fryer is not a step. Do not stand on the fryer. Serious injury can result from slips or contact with the hot oil. DANGER Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and li