CFM Corporation WMC36 WMC42

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20000583 7/06 Rev. 20 WMC Series Woodburning Fireplace Safety Information PLEASE READ THIS MANUAL BEFORE INSTALLING AND USING FIREPLACE. IMPORTANT: Read all instructions and warnings carefully before starting installation. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a possible fire hazard and will void the warranty. Description The WMC Series fireplaces are solid fuel, woodburning premium fireplaces. The WMC36/42 are circulating models with removable grilles (louvers). Both models are ful

CFM Corporation Winter Warm - Small Insert

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TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, FOLLOW THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS MAY RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE, BODILY INJURY OR EVEN DEATH. CONTACT LOCAL BUILDING OFFICIALS ABOUT RESTRICTIONS AND INSTALLATION INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS IN YOUR AREA. Do Not Discard This Manual: Retain for Future Use 2000888 12/07 Rev. 16 WinterWarm Small Insert Introduction Thank you for purchasing a Vermont Castings WinterWarm Small Insert, an efficient fireplace carefully engineered to bring you t

CFM Corporation UVDR42C

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NOTE: All electric connections are to be made in accordance with CSA Standard C22.1-Canadian Electrical Code part 1 or with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/ NFPA 70 (latest edition) and/or in accordance with local codes. CAUTION: Should this blower require servicing, the power supply must be disconnected. M Black White G Firebox Acces- sory Junction Box Speed Control Switch 120 Volt Wall Electrical Box T229 Fig. 9 Blower wiring diagram. UVDR Series Unvented Gas Fireplaces Blower Installation

CFM Corporation UVDR36C

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For you to realize all the advantages and use of the reliable service that has been engineered into your CFM Corporation fireplace, you must carefully follow all of the instructions contained in this book regarding installation and operation of the fireplace. These instructions should be read carefully in their entirety before beginning installation of the fireplace. It is suggested that you wear work gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes when installing your fireplace. NOTE:

CFM Corporation Ultra Flame DG05437/DG05447

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The vent terminal shall not terminate : • Within 3 ft. of a building mechanical air supply. • Less than 12 inches from a perpendicular wall. • In an area which is allocated to the occupancy. • Under a window that pivots open. In addition, in a structure with three walls and a roof , the following restrictions apply: a) The minimum distance between the two side walls must be 72". b) The roof must not exceed the walls more than 24". c) If both those conditions apply, the clearance shall be as foll

CFM Corporation SIT 0.820.634 Nova

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Warning: always use an approved gas pipe. Never use a conventional 6-inch pipe alone. • Install the first 4-inch B-vent section or flexible aluminum chimney liner. • Fasten the optional 6-inch collar adapter to the stove with the two (2) screws supplied. • Install the sections of the conventional 6-inch pipe. Over the flexible liner. That you want to cover up. OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Wall thermostat The optional wall thermostat will automatically keep your room at an even temperature. You need to

CFM Corporation SHR52

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Seal Crack Between Fire- place and Hearth Exten- sion with Noncombustible Material FP1172 Fig. 35 Sealing detail. Hearth Extension Installing Line for Gas Logs CFM Corporation fireplaces are designed to accept a 1/2 inch gas line for installation of an approved gas appliance. (CFM Corporation manufactures a wide variety of gas logs for use in CFM Corporation fireplaces.) Be sure to have the appliance installed in accordance with building codes. Gas connection may enter from either left or right

CFM Corporation SHR48

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Attic shields are not required at the roof. Flanges FP263 Attic Insulation Shield Nails (4 required) Attic Joist Ceiling Base Fig. 22 Attic shield installlation (Canadian requirement). Continue Installing Pipe to Complete Run Continue attaching pipe sections to complete system to next level always being careful that the pipe is firmly snap locked in place before proceeding to next pipe section. Chimney Supports If chimney supports are required, they are installed the same as elbows. Nail chimney

CFM Corporation SHR42A

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Insulation may then be installed above sheeting material to assure the space around the fireplace is totally protected. (Fig. 5) CAUTION: WHEN INSTALLING A FIREPLACE IN AN INSULATED ENCLOSURE, BE SURE ALL RE- QUIRED AIR SPACES ARE MAINTAINED. (Page 15, Fig. 19) vertical chimney heights less than 30 feet above the hearth. Chimney supports are required if the vertical height exceeds 30 feet with 11CF chimneys. Locate chimney supports at ceiling holes or other structural framing at 30 foot heights.

CFM Corporation SHR36

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CFM Corporation - EH2416, K = .458, 1 inch thick required. 40" Min. 40" Min. Decorative Non- combustible Rigid Covering Noncombustible Insula- tion RT = 1.85 Min. (Manville Ceraform 126 - 1/2" Thick or CFM Corporation EH2416 - 1" Thick) Fig. 30 Noncombustible wall shield dimensions. FP838 Hearth Installation A hearth extension is required to protect a combustible floor in front of the fireplace. Refer to Figure 30 for minimum dimensions and mounting detail. NOTE: Hearth Extension must not cover