Brill Razorcut Premium 38

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Use this operating manual and the safety instructions in order to familiarise yourself with the implement, the adjusting parts and the correct use. Keep the operating instructions in a safe place and pass them on to the next owner. All safety instructions are always intended for your own safety! • To avoid damage or danger by improper use, the instructions for use should be carefully kept and followed! • If you give the appliance to another person then you should also supply them with the in

Brill Razorcut Premium 33

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If possible, always cut the grass when it is relatively dry. To obtain a clear pattern, push the appliance in straight lines at an even walking pace. The cutting paths should overlap by a few centimetres to avoid leaving strips of grass. Maintenance, care and storage Maintenance covers all work required to keep the mower in good operating condition. Regular checks (firm fit of screw connections, cracks, damage) and replacement of damaged or worn parts will help prevent accidents and mower fail

Brill Ideas 42 Series

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m • 2,4 kg The steel tine roller thoroughly removes moss growing on the surface. 62066 62063 40 09093 001488 40 09093 000733 28 cm 30 cm 230 V/ 1,000 W 230 V/ 1,100 W Robust PP plastic Robust PP plastic 6 14 • • • • • • Plain bearing Plain bearing 45 l ( available as accessory) 35 l ( available as accessory) 500 sq. m 600 sq. m • • 11 kg 21 kg 62064 40 09093 000740 32 cm 230 V/ 1,200 W Robust PP plastic 14 • • • Plain bearing 35 l ( available as accessory) 700 sq. m • 22 kg 62060 40 09093 000566

Brill Ideas 41 Series

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This will prevent the lawnmower switching off automatically and may cause serious injury. Keep your hands and feet away from the internal housing and grass ejection chute when the motor is running. Always wear sturdy shoes and long trousers when mowing. Never mow your lawn when barefoot or when wearing only lightweight sandals. Adjusting the cutting height The cutting height can be adjusted in seven stages using the stopping lever (fig. G pos. 6). To adjust the cutting height, disengage the stop