Asko WL6511XXL

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Front-loaders use substantially faster spin speeds than top-loaders, causing greater vibration. If the floor is not solid, your washer will vibrate. You will hear and feel the vibration throughout your house. Power outlet • Must be within 60 in. (1.5 m) of either side of the washer. Do not overload the outlet with more than one appliance. • Time-delay fuse or circuit breaker is recommended. It is the personal responsibility and obligation of the customer to have a proper outlet installed by a qu

Asko WCAM1812

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The new ASKO WCAM1812 has loads of features all packed into one hardworking, space-saving appliance. Perfect for tight quarters, this efficient Combo means the end of shelling out quarters at the public laundromat. - FULL FEATURES. HALF THE SPACE. - SUPER-EFFICIENT CONDENSER NEEDS NO VENTILATION. - BUILT BY ASKO. BACKED BY THE BEST WARRANTY. - LARGE CAPACITY. MINIMUM DIMENSIONS. a asko cm: opptance group DIMENSIONS •* 33-1/4”-34" height 23-1/2” width 23-5/8” depth 39” depth with the d

Asko WCAM 1812

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2 Installation Requirements............................. 3 Installation Instructions................................. 4 Important Safety Information......................... 6 About Your Washer/Dryer ............................. 7 Understanding the Control Panel................... 8 Fabric Care Labels..................................... 10 Stain Removal Chart.................................. 10 Guide to Wash & Dry Programs....................11 Guide to Wash Only Programs.....................

Asko Washer/Dryer Combination Laundry System

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We work hard to find solutions to life’s everyday challenges – and our laundry systems prove it. Every feature, every design element, every aspect of their performance has been refined with the single-minded purpose of making life simpler. From their sleek, purposeful styling and energy-efficient performance to their legendary durability and world-class warranty, ASKO laundry systems make life easier for you, for your family and for the Earth. In Sweden, that’s simply the way we do things – we s

Asko W6903

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We hope that this product will give you many years of pleasure. To ensure that you get the most out of your new machine, we recommend that you read the operating instructions before using the machine. The operating instructions also contain information on how to avoid damaging the environment. Operating Instructions Washing Machine Save these instructions for future reference Asko W6903 4 Before using your machine for the first time Transport protection 4 Packing material 4 Washer door 4 Checkin

Asko W6761

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Press until “Select spin speed” displays. 2. Use the . buttons to raise or lower the spin speed setting. To omit the spin cycle, press the arrow button until “No Spin” displays. To omit the spin and final drain cycles, press the arrow until “No Drain” displays. (Note: You will have to run a drain program to open the door.) 3. When the spin speed you prefer displays, press . The LCD will display the new spin speed. 4. If you only want to use this setting temporarily (for this one load), press

Asko W6661

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To get the most of the features of your machine, we recommend that you read your Use and Care Guide. THE CONTROL PANELTHE CONTROL PANEL Models W6641 and W661 have ASKO’s state-of-the-art EasyControl™ panel, as illustrated below. To select a wash program, simply press one of the preset program buttons then press Start. Refer to “Preset Programs” below for a definition of these programs. Preset Programs LCD Window Press one of these buttons to run time. Power Button Press to turn on power to the m

Asko W6641 W661

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Select Normal wash with the Super Rinse option and use the temperature recommended on the dye package. If you’re dyeing polyester, select a spin speed of 800 rpm. After you have removed the dyed items, be sure to clean the drum before you wash a load of laundry. Do this by running the empty machine through a Normal wash program using the normal amount of detergent. RECOMMENDEDRECOMMENDED WWASHASH TEMPERATEMPERATURESTURES Different fabrics require different wash temperatures. The for different fa

Asko W6441

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. When the washer has completed a program, press this button to open the door. Note that the power must be on and the unit must be at the end of a program and the water drained before the door will open. NOTE: For instructions on how to open the door manually in case of power failure, see page 24. . Turn this knob to the desired program. The table on the following page defines each program. . Turn this knob clockwise to the desired wash temperature. Always refer to the garments’ care labels fo

Asko W620

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To get the most of the features of your machine, we recommend that you read your Use and Care Guide. THE CONTROL PANELTHE CONTROL PANEL Economy Button Door Open Button Press to extend the wash time by 22 Press to open the glass door. Please note that the Temperature Control minutes. (Suggested for use only with Turn clockwise to set theProgram Control knob must be at the end of a the low wash temperatures.) wash temperature.program (at a red mark) to open the glass door. Power Indicator Light Gl